Conti Ransomware Group Leak Irish Patients’ Data on Dark Web – Expert Comment

Vulnerabilities in Medical Devices

Almost a week after the significant ransomware attack on the Ireland Health Service (HSE) network, the group responsible has started leaking patients’ medical and personal details online. HSE publicly disclosed the attack on Friday, when the organisation announced that it had shut down its IT systems. The attack affected diagnostic services and forced many hospitals […]

Code Signing in the Software Supply Chain – Expert Source

We’re quickly moving toward a reality where everything needs to be signed. Not just the software we buy from third-party vendors, but also the software we build and deploy within our own organizations — everything from PowerShell scripts, Bash scripts, containers, libraries, files, and executables. Thanks to the adoption of CI/CD and build and test automation […]

SolarWinds Hack Happened Months Earlier Than Thought

BACKGROUND: The Solar Winds CEO has announced that its infamous hack may have happened months earlier than thought. Sudhakar Ramakrishna suggested that hackers that penetrated 10 U.S. government agencies and scores of companies may have been inside his company’s network as early as January 2019. Eric Milam, VP of Research and Intelligence, BlackBerry shares his view: […]

NZ District Health Board Attack Slows 5 Hospitals

BACKGROUND: New Zealand’s Waikato District Health Board confirmed on May 18th that it is addressing a “cyber security incident” and was experiencing full outage of its information systems, impacting the district’s hospitals and health services which are currently operating without IT support. An expert with Gurucul offers perspective.

Kill The CAPTCHA: Stop Making Users Account For Your Lack Of Security

Software Management Standpoint

BACKGROUND: Earlier this week, Cloudflare drew attention drawn to the ineffectiveness of the CAPTCHA tool that so many of us annoyingly go along with, forcing us to count the number of traffic lights before we can purchase tickets. At the same time, suggestions were made about replacing it with a personal security key.