OnlyFans Fails to Prevent Children from Selling Explicit Videos

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British subscription site OnlyFans is failing to prevent underage users from selling and appearing in explicit videos, a BBC investigation has found. The platform has more than a million “creators” who share video clips, photos, and messages directly with subscribers for a monthly fee. In return for hosting the material, OnlyFans takes a 20% share of all […]

Belgian Government Hacked By Foreign Power; Did Microsoft Let The Belgians Down?

Must Respect the Sovereignty of Other Countries

BACKGROUND: Did Microsoft let the Belgian government down? The entire computer system of the federal home affairs ministry in Belgian was subject to a full, complicated cyber-attack as far back as April 2019, with all fingers pointing to China, according to Belgian daily De Standaard. Unlike many other cyber-attacks, this one was clearly aimed at […]

Canada Post Discloses Data Breach

BACKGROUND: It has been reported that Canada Post has informed 44 of its large business customers that information relating to more than 950,000 customers was compromised after one of its suppliers fell victim to a malware attack late last week. Yesterday, the postal agency announced that Commport Communications, an electronic data interchange solution supplier, had […]

National Crime Agency Report Ranks Ransomware as Major Crime

The UK’s National Crime Agency has published its annual National Strategic Assessment (NSA) of Serious and Organised Crime and it details how the overall threat from cybercrime has increased over the last year, with more severe and high profile attacks against victims. The report notes that ransomware attacks have grown in frequency and impact over the course of the last […]

Expert Reaction On Japanese Government Agencies Suffer Data Breaches After Fujitsu Hack

Offices of multiple Japanese agencies were breached via Fujitsu’s “ProjectWEB” information sharing tool. Fujitsu states that attackers gained unauthorized access to projects that used ProjectWEB, and stole some customer data. It is not yet clear if this breach occurred because of a vulnerability exploit, or a targeted supply-chain attack, and an investigation is ongoing.