Technology Blind Spots: Is Lack Of Visibility Leaving Your Business Exposed?

One of the most concerning issues for IT leaders and organisations in 2021 is the impact of technology blind spots. Snow Software’s 2021 IT Priorities Report found that an awareness gap still exists between IT leaders and employees when it comes to unmanaged and unaccounted for technology. For example, while both groups agree that security is the […]

Russian Hackers Launch Major Cyberattack Through U.S. Aid Agency’s Email System, Microsoft Says

Microsoft has revealed that the hacking group known as Nobelium has targeted over 150 organisations worldwide in the past week, including government agencies, think tanks, consultants, and non-governmental organisations, via phishing emails. At least 25% of the targeted organisations are involved in international development, humanitarian and human rights work, but the Kremlin has said today that it […]

Implications Of Russian Solarwinds Hackers New Email Attack On Government Agencies

Defence against targeted threats

BACKGROUND: It has been reported that the state-backed Russian cyber spies behind the SolarWinds hacking campaign launched a targeted phishing assault on US and foreign government agencies and thinktanks this week using an email marketing account of the US Agency for International Development (USAid), Microsoft has said. The effort targeted about 3,000 email accounts at more than 150 different […]

Russia Phishing Attack On USAID, Other Human Rights Groups

Twitter Phishing Attack

BACKGROUND: In response to today’s Another Nobelium Attack report from Microsoft that threat actors affiliated with Russian intelligence conducted a phishing attack on the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to surveil human rights and other organizations critical of the Russian government, a cybersecurity expert with Gurucul offers perspective.

Expert Advice on News that Fake Movie Streaming Service Leads to Malware

It has been reported that a prolific phishing campaign is attempting to trick people into believing they’ve subscribed to a movie-streaming service to coerce them into calling a phone number to cancel – where someone will guide them through a procedure that infects their computer with BazaLoader malware. BazaLoader creates a backdoor onto Windows machines that can be […]