Expert Reacted On Research That Third Of Workers Have Picked Up Bad Security Behaviours

Tessian have released a major new report revealing that over one-third of workers have picked up bad cybersecurity behaviours since working from home. The report, which analyses ‘Back to Work’ security behaviours also revealed: ·       30% believe they can get away with riskier security behaviour when working remotely ·       49% say that this is because […]

So Just What Is Cloud-based Access Management?

The increasingly distributed nature of corporate IT networks poses problems for legacy on-premises access management and authentication. With users accessing cloud-based applications and other corporate resources from multiple device types in any location, businesses need to securely manage access across a wide range of contexts within a diverse IT ecosystem. This article describes cloud-based access […]

Should Police To Be Given Powers Over Passwords, Expert Weighs In

Fined £200,000 for Failing to Encrypt Police Interviews

BACKGROUND: In recent news, Irish police will have the power to compel people to provide passwords for electronic devices when carrying out a search warrant under new legislation. Should police to be given powers over password, expert provides an insight in light of fundamental security best practices.

Expert Commentary – GCHQ Cybersecurity Boss Sounds Alarm Over Extortion By Hackers

This morning a news story broke on the topic of how ransomware is now representing the biggest threat to online security for most people and businesses in the UK. Lindy Cameron, chief executive of the National Cyber Security Centre, will say in a speech that the phenomenon, where hackers encrypt data and demand payment for it […]

Serious Vulnerability in Microsoft Teams That Could Expose Confidential Files

It has been disclosed that a serious vulnerability in Microsoft Teams has been discovered by Tenable’s Zero-Day Research Team. By abusing PowerApps functionality (a separate product used within Teams for building and using custom business apps), threat actors could gain persistent read/write access to a victim user’s email, Teams chats, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and a variety of other services by […]