Most Ransomware Pay-Outs are Followed by Repeat Attacks

80% of organisations that paid ransom demands experienced a second attack, and 46% of these believed they were targeted by the same hackers, according to new research from Censuswide. Amongst those that paid to regain access to their systems, 46% also said at least some of their data was corrupted, revealed the Cybereason survey. The study […]

How Bank CISOs Can Respond To A Digital Hostage Scenario

Trust has always been the cornerstone of the banking industry. Without customer confidence that their assets are secure, banks cannot function. A reputation for having the strongest vaults with the thickest walls and unpickable locks is fundamental. But, as the means of protecting financial assets has moved from the physical to the digital realm, the […]

Expert React: Over A Fifth Of Cyber Insurance Does Not Cover Ransomware

BACKGROUND: Cybereason today released research findings from a global ransomware study of nearly 1,300 security professionals that reveals more than half of organisations have been the victim of a ransomware attack. In the UK specifically, 305 companies were contacted and 84% of businesses that chose to pay a ransom demand suffered a second ransomware attack, often at […]

Cl0p Ransomware Gang Arrests In Ukraine (FIN11)

BACKGROUND: As you may be aware, members of the Cl0p ransomware gang (FIN11) have been arrested in Ukraine in a joint operation between Ukranian police and law enforcement from South Korea.

Former British Ambassador To Slovakia On Putin’s Comment On Cyberattacks

State Dept Network

BACKGROUND: Putin: “US sources tell me that the majority of cyber attacks are carried out from the United States. Next it’s Canada. Then Latin America. Then the UK. Russia is not listed in this ranking of countries that see the most cyber attacks from their territory.” “Secondly, throughout 2020 we received 10 requests regarding cyber […]

Expert Commentary: Over a Billion Records Belonging to CVS Health Exposed Online

Excellus BlueCross Hacked

Security researchers have revealed the discovery of an online database belonging to CVS Health which exposed over a billion records online. The database was not password-protection and had no form of authentication in place to prevent unauthorized entry. Upon examination of the database, the team found over one billion records that were connected to US […]

1.1 Bil Pieces Of User Data Scraped From Alibaba’s Taobao Shopping Site

BACKGROUND: The Wall Street Journal reports that Alibaba’s Taobao shopping website was hit by a web crawler that collected users’ ID and mobile phone data for eight months, according to a Chinese court filing, and more than 1.1 billion pieces of user data were captured. Clement Chen, an assistant professor of law at the University […]

60% Of Organisations Would Consider Paying In The Event Of A Ransomware Attack, With 1 In 5 Potentially Willing To Spend 20% Or More Of Their Annual Revenue

More than a third of experts perceive ransomware guidance from government and official bodies to be insufficient Despite theDirector of the FBI, the US Attorney General and the White House warning firms against paying cyber-related ransoms, 60percent of organisations have admitted they would shell out funds in the event of an attack, according to new […]