Predicting The October 2021 Surprise

An independent study of significant cyber events worldwide, based on historical attacks documented by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) since 2006, revealed a clear trend of increased attacks during the month of October for the past five (5) years with five (5) offending countries or entities responsible for the majority of the […]

Fresh Warning Over Rip-off Locator Forms On Google

BACKGROUND: Rip-off websites which charge people for free Covid-19 passenger locator forms feature at the top of Google search results, the BBC has found. Airline Ryanair said passengers should be “extra vigilant” and only download forms from the official website. The passenger locator form is designed to help airlines contact people in the event of a coronavirus […]

Cyberattack Risk to Royal Navy & Britain’s Merchant Fleet

It has been reported in the BBC that the UK’s former First Sea Lord, Lord West of Spithead, is concerned about the security of the UK’s naval and merchant ships, saying their navigation systems can easily be hacked through spoofing and jamming.

Colonial Pipeline Fuels A Surge In Attacks On Oil And Gas

Looking back at cyber-attacks over the last quarter, Colonial Pipeline easily holds the beacon for the incident that prompted the most concern. The well-publicised attack caused fuel shortages across the East Coast of the United States, resulting in people missing work and supply chain delays. Finally, the world was seeing what the security industry had […]

Expert Reaction On Apple Patch Zero-Day Vulnerability

Affecting Microsoft Office

BACKGROUND: The tech giant has labeled the flaw as a ‘zero-day vulnerability, which is a term used to describe a security issue that may have been actively exploited by cybercriminals. The issue, labeled as CVE-2021-30807, is related to a memory corruption issue which if exploited can give attackers full control over the device.

Cybersecurity Comment: IBM Research: Cost of a Data Breach Hits Record High

IBM Security today announced the results of a global study that found that data breaches now cost surveyed companies $4.24 million per incident on average – the highest cost in the 17-year history of the report. Based on an in-depth analysis of real-world data breaches experienced by over 500 organizations, the study suggests that security incidents became more costly […]

Building Cyber Resilience in a Connected World

We are in the midst of a technology revolution, with the world becoming more connected than ever. But with great connectivity comes great threats. The digitisation of every aspect of our lives means that there is a growing reliance on technology not just in our homes but across businesses and industries too. A dependence that […]