SonicWall Alerts of Imminent Ransomware Campaign

It has been reported that security vendor SonicWall is warning customers to patch its enterprise secure VPN hardware to thwart an “imminent ransomware campaign using stolen credentials” that are exploiting security holes in current models and those running legacy firmware. Targeted are the company’s Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 100 series and Secure Remote Access (SRA) […]

Expert On News: US Offers $10 Million for Tips on Foreign Hackers

The United States has announced a bounty of $10 million for tips to help take down foreign cybercriminals, according to Reuters. The State Department will offer a reward of up to $10 million for information that can identify or locate malicious cyber actors working at the behest of a foreign government to target critical U.S. infrastructure. […]

China “Product Security Vuln. Regulations” May Silence Researchers

BACKGROUND: As reported in the South China Morning Post (links below), China’s new “Network Product Security Vulnerabilities Regulations” require Chinese firms to report cybersecurity vulnerabilities early, but forbids both companies and independent cybersecurity researchers from disclosing vulns and weaknesses to overseas organizations. Experts Comments July 16, 2021 David Kennefick + Follow Me – UnFollow Me […]

Facebook Report On Iranian Threat Activity

BACKGROUND: Facebook has released an intel report on Iranian threat activity. The report discloses actions the company took against a group of hackers in Iran, known as Tortoiseshell, to disrupt their ability to use their infrastructure to abuse the platform, distribute malware and conduct espionage operations across the internet, targeting primarily the United States. Experts Comments July 16, […]

SonicWall Warns Of ‘Imminent Ransomware Campaign’

BACKGROUND: Yesterday, cybersecurity firm SonicWall sent an urgent warning to users of some of their legacy products about an ‘imminent ransomware campaign using stolen credentials’ and told some users to disconnect products immediately.  Experts Comments July 16, 2021 Jeff Costlow + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CISO ExtraHop The SonicWall exploit came to light back […]

Security Expert Re: Woocommerce Fixes Vulnerability Exposing 5 Million Sites To Data Theft

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BACKGROUND: WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce plugin for the WordPress content management system,  has been updated to patch a serious vulnerability that could be exploited without authentication. WooCommerce is installed on more than 5 million websites globally. Experts Comments July 16, 2021 Pravin Madhani + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Co-founder and CEO K2 Cyber Security […]