£32m of Fraud Prevented by Bank Branch Staff

Today, UK Finance revealed £32m of fraud prevented by bank branch staff and police in the first half of 2021, showcasing the bank’s commitment towards mitigating fraud. However, technology still has a huge role to play, and more often than not, it’s hard to spot a scam even for experienced professionals. 

Hyper-Agility in a Hyper-competitive World

What Football (soccer) can teach us about data security When discussing the notion of continuity in business and technological environments, marketers have been propagating many buzzwords that have caught on into general parlance. Of these, the idea of agility has really stuck and resonated with many different types of professionals. However, while widely discussed, most […]

G7 Urged to Find Solution to Cookie Pop-up Notices – Expert Reaction

As reported by BBC News, the UK’s information commissioner is to ask some of the most powerful countries in the world to join forces against cookie pop-ups online. Elizabeth Denham will meet with her counterparts in the G7 (Group of Seven) nations on Tuesday. Each country will raise a technology problem they believe can be solved […]

Growing Numbers of Network Engineers Turning to NetOps to Enhance Security

According to new research by Opengear spanning the UK, the U.S., France, and Germany, more than four out of ten (41%) of network managers, network engineers, and network architects say their organizations use NetOps or network automation to enhance network security, the top use for NetOps overall. Moreover, 44% of respondents whose organizations use an independent secure […]

AWS Penetration Testing: All You Need To Know

Smart Home Hubs

Since its introduction in 2006, AWS has been the king of the cloud market. AWS owns 33.8% of the global market share and this number is greater than any of its competitors by a long shot. Its success is due to its reliability and high scalability. Indeed, you can say AWS outperforms its competitors. Unfortunately, […]

Expert Reaction On Central Bank Mistakenly Shares Private Data of Union Bosses

data loss and CPS

It has been reported that the fear of security was raised after the Central Bank mistakenly exposed the names and home addresses of credit union bosses. The data breach has forced the bank to issue a groveling apology after it blundered by releasing the personal information to third parties. Names and addresses of around 50 […]

Malware Hides In CLFS To Evade Detection – Expert Reaction

BACKGROUND: FireEye’s Mandiant researchers have discovered a malware family using the Common Log File System (CLFS) to hide their second-stage payload in registry transaction files. In their blog post Too Log; Didn’t Read they detail how PRIVATE LOG and its installer STASHLOG use what they say is a novel and especially interesting technique(s) to obfuscate […]

Homograph Attacks Fool Microsoft’s Email Software

BACKGROUND: ITPro Microsoft Outlook shows real contact details in some phishing emails. Microsoft Outlook is susceptible to phishing attacks using internationalized domain names (IDNs), according to reports from two separate security researchers. The email client will display legitimate contact details alongside spoof emails sent from these domains. Phishing attacks sent from IDNs are also known […]