MoD Shares Afghanistan Interpreter’s Emails & PII

BACKGROUND: The British Ministry of Defense shared email addresses and PII on more than 260 Afghan interpreters in a bulk email that was sent out to people trying to relocate to the UK. The list included people still in Afghanistan as well as some that had been able to flee the country. Former Defense Minister […]

APP Fraud Is A Simple Yet Extremely

BACKGROUND: CityAM report rising UK fraud levels branded a ‘national threat’ by banks. Financial fraud rose by 30 per cent in the first half of 2021 resulting in losses of over £750m, according to the latest fraud report by banking trade body UK Finance, published this morning. Authorised push payment fraud, where consumers were unwittingly […]

NFT’s Have The Potential For Financial Scams

BACKGROUND: BBC are reporting on this morning that NFT-based fantasy football card firm raises $680m. The BBC do report on NFT worries: “NFTs are also controversial. Depending on the technology used, maintaining a blockchain requires considerable computing power with a sizeable carbon footprint. As in traditional investing, financial impropriety and crime are a risk, but […]