Cyberattack Response Takes Over 2 Days, Industry Survey Reports

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BACKGROUND: The latest industry survey from Deep Instinct is reporting  Incident Response to Cyberattacks Take Over Two Working Days, According to Latest Industry Survey. The second edition of Deep Instinct’s bi-annual Voice of SecOps Report shows that fully 83% of cybersecurity professionals were dissatisfied with current EPP and EDR solutions. Report excerpts: The average global response to […]

Comment: New Group Can Breach Organisation, Steal Sensitive Data Without Ransomware

BACKGROUND: It has been reported that in less time than it takes to get a stuffed crust pizza delivered, a new group called SnapMC can breach an organization’s systems, steal their sensitive data, and demand payment to keep it from being published, according to a new report from NCC Group’s threat intelligence team — no ransomware required. […]

Penetration Testing In Azure: How It Works, Steps To Follow, And Tools

Penetration testing is a process of identifying and exploiting security vulnerabilities in network infrastructure for the purpose of evaluating the level of risk. Azure penetration testing, as its name suggests, focuses on vulnerabilities that can be exploited through Microsoft’s cloud-computing platform. This post will help you understand what azure penetration testing is and how it […]