Ex-hospital Employee Wrongfully Exposed 9k Patient Records – Experts Insight

Encryption expert NJ hospital patient data breach

BACKGROUND: Newark, N.J.-based University Hospital has notified thousands of patients that their protected health information was exposed by a former employee. An interesting aspect of this breach is that it was information of  “certain patients treated in the emergency department at UH following motor vehicle accidents between 2016 and 2017.” 

Cost Of Scams On Wellbeing Calculated As £9bn A Year, Expert Weighs In

Bank of Ireland and DHL scams detected

BACKGROUND: Cost Of Scams On Wellbeing Calculated As £9bn A Year, ExpeA study by Which? has found that the impact of scams on victims’ wellbeing far outweighs the financial impact. The average cost to wellbeing per victim amounts to over £2,500, compared to an average financial impact of £600.

Sinclair TV Confirms Cyber Attack – Expert Comments


BACKGROUND: Sinclair TV just confirmed a widespread data breach of their networks that took down many of their tv channels on Sunday and still continues as of 12pm EST. At first calling it a “technical issue”, stations across their networks resorted to posting news on Facebook, telling viewers they had lost access to their normal […]