The Anatomy Of A Credential Stuffing Attack

While data breaches might be a heist best left to the experts, credential stuffing is a poor-man’s sport. And it’s a pretty popular game. In a 2020 report, RSA recognized it as “gaining tremendous momentum” and cited the then-recent breaches (Marriott, Capital One, Equifax) as providing the fodder used in those attacks – your usernames […]

Experts Insight On Hacker Allegedly Stole Data Of All 45 Million Argentinian Citizens

BACKGROUND: Twitter has suspended a hacker who allegedly stole all of the data from Argentina’s database holding the IDs and information of all 45 million citizens of the country. A threat actor using the handle @aniballeaks said they managed to hack into Argentina’s National Registry of Persons — also known as RENAPER or Registro Nacional […]

TA505 Targets Financial Enterprises With Mass-volume Phishing Campaign

BACKGROUND: The ransomware group TA505 is trailblazing with mass-volume email attacks on financial institutions using retooled malware and exotic scripting languages. The cybercrime group is targeting financial enterprises with an email phishing campaign where victims are directed to a fake website that is made to look legitimate through which an excel file is downloaded which […]

2 Experts: Aussie Govt. Would Control “Critical Infrastructure” During Cyber-attacks

BACKGROUND: Sydney based Financial Review is reporting Coalition moves to boost critical infrastructure security. The Australian government plans to give their security agencies the power to intervene in the case of a cyber-attack on essential services. The bill would direct the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to take over control of a business’s cyber defenses during […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Are You Cyber Smart?

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Being cyber smart, the theme of this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, is not unachievable, but it certainly requires investment of both time and money. Every business and every individual has a role to play in keeping our data safe from the hands of hackers. We spoke to some cybersecurity experts to get some top tips […]