Top AppSec Missteps In The Fight Against Cyber Criminals

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Accelerated digital transformation efforts over the past two years have undoubtedly helped organisations survive the impact of a global pandemic. Whether it was the implementation of collaboration platforms, a shift to the cloud, or the move to flexible working practices, businesses have never had to move as rapidly to implement new ways of working. To […]

Panasonic Becomes Latest Victim Of Data Breach – Security Expert Comment

BACKGROUND: Panasonic has become the latest company to fall victim to a data breach, with the company reporting that its network was “illegally accessed by a third party,” beginning in June 22 and ending November 3. The breach went undetected until November 11. The news follows a ransomware attack that targeted Panasonic India less than […]

The Cyber-Landscape In 2021 – Does Zero-Trust Fit?


Having spent over 36 years in an industry, now entitled Cyber, starting my cyber-career post completing formal IT Security Training at the Police, School at RAF Newton, I went on to work in the world of Counter Intelligence where I took up an enhanced vetted post in the SIGIN/COMINT world, moving on to a role […]

Encouraging More Females Within Cybersecurity

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, the cybersecurity industry has continued to accelerate, and has no indication of slowing down anytime soon. With new and innovative methods of hacking affecting businesses of all kinds, the number of cyber attacks is also increasing. A report by DCMS showed that the UK’s cyber security industry is now worth an […]

Booz Allen Report On CISOs And China Quantum Computing Risks, Expert Weighs In

BACKGROUND: New findings from Booz Allen Hamilton in examine threats around Chinese advances in quantum computing, in which the country has long invested heavily.  Among key findings: By the end of the 2020s, Chinese threat groups will likely collect data that enables quantum simulators to discover new economically valuable materials, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. State-aligned cyber […]

Experts Reactions On Sky Broadband Hack Warning

BACKGROUND: In response to Sky’s warning that six million broadband devices could have been at risk of hacking by cybercriminals because of an unpatched security flaw, Information Security experts reacted below.

Ransomware Set To Break Records This Black Friday 2021

BACKGROUND: Consumers are set to spend £9bn on deals this Black Friday and cybercriminals see this as the perfect opportunity to strike. In the SonicWall mid-year threat report, they recorded: 495 million global ransomware attacks logged this year to date. Through the third quarter of 2021, there has been a 148% increase in ransomware attacks year to date, […]

Facial Recognition Privacy Concerns: Real vs. Imagined

For most people, facial recognition technology has already permeated their daily lives. While over 80% of phones sold in the US have the capability to verify users through biometric information, including facial scans, at least 90% of businesses also use biometric technology. In fact, face scanners are among the most common types of biometric authentication […]

The Changing Face Of The COO Role

The role of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) is changing out of pure necessity – and this shift in responsibilities is becoming essential for many organisations. There is an understanding that effective and highly skilled COOs are vital for a company to grow and operate efficiently. To stay competitive in any industry, companies have found […]