Harvest Now, Decrypt Later

It is now inevitable that the encryption algorithms used to secure vital data across the world – from defence and banking to infrastructure and air travel – will be breached. With the escalation in computing power enabled by quantum technology, the question is not if, but when potentially devastating breaches will occur. With ‘harvest now, […]

Graff Cyber Attack Response – How To Mitigate The Damages Of Ransomware Attacks

BACKGROUND: It has been reported that some of the world’s most powerful, wealthy and famous people are thought to have had their personal details stolen by a cybercriminal gang which hacked into the computer systems of exclusive UK jeweller Graff. The data theft was carried out by Russian group Conti, believed to be based near St […]

Squid Game Popularity Being Used By Online Scammers

The BBC report that a Squid Game crypto token collapses in apparent scam. A digital token inspired by the popular South Korean Netflix series Squid Game has lost almost all of its value as it was revealed to be an apparent scam. Squid, which marketed itself as a “play-to-earn cryptocurrency”, had seen its price soar […]

Multiple Vulnerabilities Uncovered In FreeSwitch, Telecoms Stack Software

Enterprise Applications

BACKGROUND: It has been reported that security researchers have gone public about a set of five vulnerabilities in telecoms stack software FreeSwitch. The quintet of flaws – all discovered by a team from German telecoms security consultancy Enable Security – lead to denial of service, authentication problems and information leakage for systems running FreeSwich.

YouTube Channels to Set Up 2-Step Verification

Today 1st November, monetising YouTube channels will be required to set up 2-Step verification– if this has not already been set up, creators will not be able to access certain services until the account is secured with 2SV.