How More Secure Technology Can Backfire And Harm Your Technology

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With each new technological advancement, enterprises rush to keep up with the ever-changing ideas of security. While it is understandable that enterprises want to keep up with the times in order to secure themselves against cybersecurity attacks and their ever-increasing sophistication, a bombardment of cybersecurity information can easily backfire and cause a phenomenon known as […]

Google Supreme Court: Our Private Data Is Preyed Upon Everytime We Use The Internet

BACKGROUND: The Supreme Court handed down a judgment in what has been described as one of the most significant cases in recent legal history: Lloyd v Google. Richard Lloyd sued Google for collecting web browsing data from iPhone users between 2011 and 2012, despite the American technology giant claiming at the time that it was […]

80% Of Business Have Been Attacked By Ransomware

BACKGROUND: According to Mimecast’s report on ransomware readiness, 80% of businesses around the world have been attacked by ransomware, and executives in this research reported experiencing an average of about 3,000 ransomware attacks over the last two years – or an average of four attacks per day.  Of that 80%, 39% paid a ransom, with US […]