Four-day Working Week IS Possible For Cybersec Too!

Three new UK firms have just joined the Four Day working week pilot as employers look for ways to improve worker productivity and health to create a more sustainable work environment. However, for cybersecurity staff across the world, work must be ‘always on’. Threats are increasing in volume and severity. At the same time, cyber teams’ mental […]

Privacy And You: Take A Step Forward On Data Privacy Day

Data privacy day is January 28th, an opportunity to boost awareness and take a step towards improvement.  Privacy is a universal issue for every individual and organization and we make privacy choices daily. How can we choose wisely and devote sufficient time to better understand the many issues? We can review our personal and organizational […]

White House OMB Zero Trust Strategy

Smart Home Hubs

Please see below comments by Industry leaders on White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Federal strategy to move the U.S. Government toward a “zero trust” approach to cybersecurity.

2022 Cybersecurity Forecast: The Threat Landscape & Protecting Your Organization

Cloud Security Alliance

2021 was a record-breaking year for cyberattacks, with more hacks and breaches recorded last year than in any year past. This record was set despite the federal government putting in place new cybersecurity standards to address the issue, and was exacerbated by the continued proliferation of remote work. In 2021, more U.S. workers than ever […]

InfoSec Experts Advise On A 12-year-old Vulnerability Discovered In Polkit For Linux

Web Vulnerability Scanner

Another critical open source vulnerability has been discovered. This time it is in a popular component used in major Linux distributions and some UNIX-like operating systems, so it has the potential to impact software development organisations far and wide. PolKit, which provides methods for nonprivileged processes to interact with privileged ones, has been assigned CVE-2021-4034 […]

Canada’s Foreign Ministry Hacked, What Went Wrong

Reuters yesterday reported Canada’s foreign ministry hacked, services hit. The incident, which was originally detected last Wednesday, has left some internet and internet-based services currently unavailable. As on Monday night, Canadian cybersecurity officials were still working on restoring those internet services.

Segway Online Store Hacked via Magecart

Researchers have identified a web skimmer on Segway’s online store that enabled threat actors to steal credit cards and customer information when they checked out. Segway is the maker of two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporters Segway store compromised with Magecart skimmer | Malwarebytes Labs.