Why GMSAs Present Such A Threat, Expert Insight

An attacker with high privileges can obtain all the ingredients for generating the password of any gMSA in the domain at any time with two steps: Retrieve several attributes from the KDS root key in the domain Use the GoldenGMSA tool to generate the password of any gMSA associated with the key, without a privileged account.  Introducing […]

The ‘Revelations’ Chapter 2 – Waking Up To CyberWar And Conflict

We’re in a Cyberwar

The year was 1993 when I attended the Third Virus Bulleting Conference in Amsterdam,  held at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky where I presented my first ever paper, on the subject of defeating Anti-Virus by means of encapsulation of malicious payload – My session was the second PM of the day, and  as the hall filled […]