Fewer Than Half Of London Boroughs Have Invested In Cyber Insurance

Data Security is Vital

According to Techmonitor, 48 percent of London boroughs have invested in cyber insurance, leaving 17 boroughs vulnerable to a significant loss in the event of a cyberattack. In the beginning of 2020, Hackney council was the victim of a phishing attack, where confidential information was compromised and the council incurred losses of £10 million. A study conducted by Ispos […]

WhatsApp Web Introduces Code Verification To Boost Security

As reported by TechRadar, WhatsApp has released a new open source browser extension to help further protect those who use its messaging service on the web. WhatsApp’s Code Verify extension works with Cloudflare’s infrastructure to validate the code being delivered in WhatsApp Web. This prevents malicious actors from tampering with your software or masking unfavorable […]

Tuckers Solicitors ICO Fine

The ICO has issued a fine to Tuckers Solicitors following a successful ransomware attack against them. The company was fined £98,000 after a data breach caused by ransomware, during which hackers accessed 24,000 court bundles containing sensitive data such as medical files and witness statements – which were then released on the dark web. The action […]

16 Vulnerabilities Found In Firmware Of HP Enterprise Devices

It has been reported that firmware security company Binarly has discovered at least 13 serious vulnerabilities affecting BIOS firmware present on devices by HP and possibly other manufacturers, resulting in a total of 15 CVE identifiers. The vulnerabilities have been characterized as stack overflows, heap overflows, and corruption of memory. All of these security holes have been assigned “high […]