Improving Signal To Noise Ratio In Business Intelligence

Vigilant Cybersecurity Requires a Security Operations Center

Business intelligence is a catch-all word. If you were to ask a CEO whether they value business intelligence, they would likely say “yes”. Once you start digging deeper into what it is, however, you often find confusion or platitudes that seem to say everything and nothing all at once. Yet, the concept remains integral to […]

UK Ransomware Attacks Double In Past Year, Expert Insight

According to the latest data from international law firm RPC, ransomware attacks have more than doubled in the past year, driven by their increasing profitability for scammers. The number of attacks reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office has increased 100 per cent from 326 in 2020 to 654 in 2021. The findings revealed that the […]

The All-too-real Achilles Heel Of IT


Recent weeks have seen a surge in calls for cybersecurity resilience. UK organisations are now being urged by the NCSC to “bolster their defences”. And they’re not alone. In today’s digital-first ecosystem, it is critical that companies can operate – or at least remain active – 24/7. We saw these challenges at the onset of […]

Honda Bug Lets A Hacker Unlock And Start Your Car via Replay Attack

It has been reported that researchers have disclosed a ‘replay attack’ vulnerability affecting select Honda and Acura car models, that allows a nearby hacker to unlock your car and even start its engine from a short distance. The attack consists of a threat actor capturing the RF signals sent from your key fob to the car and resending […]

CISA Alert – ICS Best Practices Against Known Russian Cyber Actors

CISA, FBI and the DOE released a joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) detailing state-sponsored Russian cyber actors from 2011 to 2018 that targeted U.S. and international Energy Sector organizations. The CSA highlights historical tactics, techniques, and procedures as well as mitigations Energy Sector organizations can take to protect their networks. They recommend a set of ICS […]

FBI – Hackers Scanned 5 US Energy Firms, Expert Reaction.

According to an FBI memo obtained by CBS News and CNN Tuesday, hackers “believed to be associated with cyber actors who previously conducted destructive cyber activity against foreign critical infrastructure” have been scanning the networks of five US energy companies in a possible prelude to hacking attempts. The memo stated, “This scanning activity has increased […]

Thew POWER Of OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence)

What has become so obvious during the sad events unfolding in Ukraine is the power of OSINT, discovering the facts through available multiple sources of verifiable intelligence – ranging from social-media titbits, images, news items, and other sources of intelligence born out of Flight Tracking applications, through to MetaData, and EXIF data extracts. For example, […]

Mobile App Data Found Exposing API’s & Data In 1,000’s Of Cloud Databases

Check Point Research found thousands of Firebase cloud databases that exposed chat messages in gaming apps, personal photos, token IDs in healthcare apps and data from cryptocurrency platforms. One app discovered was from a large Dept Store in South America application (10+ Million Downloads) that had mistakenly exposed its API gateway credentials and API keys. […]