Nordex Cyber Incident Shuts IT Systems

Nordex, he world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, says that on 31 March 2022 Nordex Group IT security detected that it is subject to a cyber security incident. When hitting companies integral to CNI, this becomes of huge concern.

Fraudulent Crypto Exchange Thodex Faces 40,000-Year Sentences

Automatic Protection of Sensitive Applications

The Turkish crypto exchange Thodex – which is expected to be fraudulent and has scammed millions of dollars from investors – is being chased by prosecutors and are expected to face sentences of over 40,000 years if caught. This is particularly worrying as crypto fraud is soaring, with an increase of 64% in 2020, as […]

Cyber Security Experts Insight On BORAT RAT

Cyber Security Experts provide an insight on new RAT, which appeared on darknet markets, includes features such as DDoS attacks, UAC bypass, ransomware deployments and much more, making Borat essentially a RAT, spyware and ransomware. The malware lets its operators choose their compilation options to create small payloads that feature precisely what they need for highly […]

Russian Software Security And The Risk You Run

Enterprise Visibility into Threats and Vulnerabilities

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, a part of GCHQ) has warned UK organisations and consumers to consider the risk of using Russian technologies amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the change in attitude of the Russian Leadership toward the West. The NCSC went on to add comment that Russian firms may be compelled […]