MetaMask Crypto Wallet Seeds Exposed In iCloud Backups, $650K Theft Shows

Cyber-Security Ecosystem

MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain app gateway ( used by 21 mil+ investors, Tweeted a warning (raw link at bottom) to iOS users that if they have iCloud backup enabled, their wallets could be hacked if someone phishes their iCloud credentials. With iCloud backup enabled, a user’s crypto “seed” (a key to their account, […]

Expert Insight On Funky Pigeon Cyberattack

How to Protect Valuable IP

Please see below expert comments on Funky Pigeon suffering a cyberattack. The comment focuses on the impact this could have on both the business and customers, and how organisations can protect themselves against cyberattacks.

Joint Cybersecurity Advisory Warns Of Blockchain Hackers Targeting Developers And DevOps teams

It has been reported that the FBI, CISA and U.S. Treasury Department have issued a joint cybersecurity advisory warning all businesses in cryptocurrency to watch out for attacks from North Korean state-sponsored hackers. The full advisory can be viewed here. Within the advisory there’s also warning of how Lazarus attacks start by targeting employees of these firms, […]

The New Cyberthreat To Healthcare: Killware

Ransomware in the healthcare sector For years, the focus of cybersecurity efforts in the healthcare sector has been on protecting medical records and other sensitive patient information. Clearly, attention to data security is vital — ransomware attacks and data breaches remain the main threats for the healthcare sector and protection of sensitive information is required […]