Horizon3ai Publishes Root Cause Of CVE-2022-1388, F5’s BIG-IP iControl REST Endpoint Critical Vulnerability

F5 recently patched a critical vulnerability in their BIG-IP iControl REST endpoint CVE-2022-1388. This vulnerability is particularly worrisome for users because it is simple to exploit and provides an attacker with a method to execute arbitrary system commands. Attack engineers with Horizon3ai discovered the root cause of the vulnerability and have published an examination of its inner […]

What Does The Future Hold For Blockchain Within Third-Party Risk Management?

The benefits of using technology to manage third-party risk are not lost on compliance professionals. When you consider the growing size, complexity and geographic diversity of companies’ third-party ecosystems, it’s easy to see why. 60% of organisations now work with more than 1,000 third parties and managing the risks of doing business with them is […]