Expert Reaction On Cyber Threats Five Years On From WannaCry

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the NHS WannaCry cyber-attack. Cyber security expert reacted below. Experts Comments May 13, 2022 Martin Zugec + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Technical Solutions Director Bitdefender WannaCry had a huge impact on the ransomware industry by showing the limits of opportunistic attacks. While it infected and crippled over 200,000 […]

“Eternity Project” Malware Leverages Telegram For Distribution

Cyber Con-Artists Prey on Victims

Cyble researchers detail their discovery of the ‘Eternity Project,’ a new malware-as-a-service offering that includes stealers, clippers, worms, miners, ransomware, and DDoS Bots. The group is said to have a Telegram channel (with 500+ subscribers) promoting the malware, complete with detailed videos of the products. Excerpt: The features of the stealer malware mentioned on the TAs […]