Apple Will Be Launching Passwordless Logins, What Do You Think?

It has been reported that Apple has announced plans to move towards a passwordless future. At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the company announced it will launch passwordless logins across Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs in its first major real-world shift to password elimination.

Why Smishing And Vishing Attempts Surged In 2021?

In The Human Factor Report 2022, security vendor Proofpoint found that SMS phishing (smishing) attacks more than doubled year-on-year in 2021. The report is based on their analysis of over 2.6 billion email messages, 49 billion URLs, 1.9 billion attachments, 28 million cloud accounts and 1.7 billion mobile messages. The study details most common attack surfaces […]

Whats The Problem With UK Govt Buying Quantum Computer

Big moves have been made for Government security today, with the MoD announcing the acquisition of its first quantum computer- storming ahead in the quantum arms race. With the development of quantum computers, the UK government will need to start shifting all its Critical National Infrastructure encryption to one based on quantum-safe algorithms. This is a […]

New Research Says Technobabble Needs To Be Stamped Out To Broaden Sector’s Appeal

Babble enlists the help of a Twitter poet to encourage the technology sector to cut the jargon  The technology sector’s widespread use of unnecessary jargon and technobabble is stopping people joining the sector and needs to be eliminated.  That’s according to Babble, which today releases new research1 revealing how companies delay or abandon technology investments […]

The Real Cost Of Cyber-Attacks: What Organizations Should Be Prepared For

With each passing year, hackers and cyber criminals of all kinds are becoming more sophisticated, malicious, and greedy conducting brazen and often destructive cyber-attacks that can severely disrupt a company’s business operations. And this is a big problem, because, first and foremost, customers rely on a company’s ability to deliver services or products in a timely […]