What Are Top Threats To The Cloud Computing?

How Businesses can Build Confidence in Cloud Security

According to a Cloud Security Alliance survey on cloud security issues, insufficient identity, credential, access and key management for privileged accounts is the top concern around cloud cybersecurity. Cloud Security Alliance is a not-for-profit that promotes best practices for cloud computing. Top issues revealed: Insufficient Identity, Credential, Access, and Key Mgt, Privileged Accounts Insecure Interfaces and […]

Google Chrome Built-in Phishing Detection, Expert Reaction

According to the verge.com Google Chrome has built-in phishing detection that scans pages to see if they match known fake or malicious sites (using more than just the URL, since scammers rotate those more quickly than it can keep up). Google also says that, in Chrome 102, it will use machine learning that runs entirely within the browser […]

How Microsoft Forgot To Renew The Certificate For Its Windows Insider Subdomain

Microsoft’s Walled-Garden of Virtualisation

Microsoft forgot to renew the certificate for its Windows Insider subdomain over the weekend, causing an outage and disruption for those trying to use the platform. Users who attempted to visit the Windows Insider portal were met with a warning about how their connection wasn’t private. Despite the site only being down for a few […]

The Road To Valhalla – The Urgency For Cyber Change

Anyone with any involvement in the world of, what we call Cyber Security, will attest that the world may be moving backwards when we consider the number of successful, high-profile attacks which take place on almost a daily basis, impacting the lives of the ordinary users who are dependent on the sustainability of the digital […]