Cloudflare Prevents One Of The Largest DDoS Attack Recorded

It has been reported that web performance firm Cloudflare says it mitigated a record-breaking distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack last week that peaked at 26 million request per second (rps). It was caused by a small but powerful botnet of just 5,067 devices.   This attack didn’t originate from compromised low-bandwidth Internet of Things devices […]

API Calls Expose 770M Logs With GitHub, AWS, Docker Tokens In Travis CI Logs

Shortage of IT Professionals Revealed

Researchers at Aqua Security discovered that “tens of thousands of user tokens” are exposed through the Travis CI API allowing access to more than 770 million logs containing credentials for as GitHub, AWS, and Docker Hub. Team Nautilus found that tens of thousands of user tokens are exposed via the Travis CI API, which allows […]

UK Security Practitioners Lack The Confidence To Stop Attacks

New research, released today by Arctic Wolf has discovered that UK cybersecurity professionals are overworked and lacking in confidence to stop cyberattacks. The research found that UK organisations are being put in a precarious and unsecure position, with over a quarter (27%) of respondents stating they don’t feel knowledgeable enough as an individual to spot […]

What Do You Think Of Recent Interpol Operation Of Global Fraud Crackdown?


Interpol has just announced a 76-nation operation to crack down on fraud, including telecommunications or scamming fraud, particularly telephone deception, romance scams, e-mail deception, and connected financial crime – see here. The operation has resulted in: 1,770 locations raided worldwide Some 3,000 suspects identified Some 2,000 operators, fraudsters, and money launderers arrested Some 4,000 bank accounts […]