24 Billion Usernames And Passwords Found On The Dark Web

Researchers at Digital Shadows report having collected over 24 billion usernames and passwords from the dark web – an increase of 65% in just two years. Even after removing duplicates, they still found 6.7 billion unique credentials, an increase of 34% in just two years. Excerpts: We collated more than 24 billion compromised credentials. approximately […]

Panchan Peer-to-Peer Botnet

Akamai security researchers have released discovery on Panchan, a new peer-to-peer botnet and SSH worm that emerged in March and has been actively breaching Linux servers since. Panchan, written in Golang, utilizes its built-in concurrency features to maximize spreadability and execute malware modules. The malware also harvests SSH keys to perform lateral movement. To view […]