AI Governance Gap Will Strike Individuals And Organizations Alike

From Microsoft’s infamous AI-powered tweet bot, Tay, which within 24 hours of its release started to spew racist responses, to Amazon’s deeply biased machine-learning recruitment tool, examples of artificial intelligence going ‘rogue’ are easy to find.  Concerns over opaque black-box algorithms to questions regarding the ethical use of personal data and responsibilities related to security […]

Just Say Yes – Why CISOs Must Now Embrace SD-WAN

Digital Transformation has become a business imperative, yet rather than pulling together to enable essential change, the friction between network and security teams is increasing. The business needs to move away from data centres and traditional Wide Area Networks (WAN) to exploit the cost, flexibility and agility provided by the cloud and Software Defined WANs […]

Phishing Content Delivered Through Azure By Microsoft

Experts identified a spike in phishing content delivered via Azure Front Door (AFD), a cloud CDN service provided by Microsoft. The identified resources in one of the malicious campaigns impersonate various services appearing to be legitimately created on the “” domain – This allows the bad actors to trick users and spread phishing content to […]