Response To News On Cyber Pathways Initiative

Please find below some comment from Jamal Elmellas, Chief Operating Officer (COO), of Focus-on-Security, the cybersecurity recruitment agency in response to the UK government’s press release on the ‘Embedding Standards and Pathways Across the Cyber Profession by 2025’ consultation it ran with the UK Cyber Security Council.

Lack Of Web Scraping Regulations Hurts Progress

Web Application Firewall

Web scraping is something enigmatic in the public’s eye. It’s not entirely surprising – every innovative solution takes some time before it’s understood and accepted. Generally, widespread acceptance closely follows industry-related legislation or regulation. However, web scraping is immensely useful for the public good. Anything that slows down its adoption among the wider public is […]

Your Android Phone Can Now Keep All Your Passwords On Your Home Screen

It has been reported that Android smartphone and tablet users are set to get a neat new way to ensure they never lose track of all their important passwords. As spotted by 9to5Google, Android users will now be able to add a shortcut for the Google Password Manager tool directly onto their device’s home screen.

Why 84% Of US Firms Hit With Identity-Related Breaches In 2021

In a recent poll* of 500 US identity and security professionals the non-profit Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) found that 84% had an identity-related breach in the past year, with 78%  experienced a  direct business impact as a result of the breach. Key Points: Identity growth continues, making identity a top security priority 98% Said the number […]