How Dangerous Is BlackBasta Ransomware?

It’s being reported that the emerging Black Basta ransomware gang has managed to hit close to 50 organisations in Anglophone countries since it started operations a few months ago, and appears to aspire to levels of infamy accorded to the likes of Conti or REvil.

Russian Hacker Group Says Cyber Attacks Continue On Lithuania

As you may know, Russian hacker group Killnet told Reuters that it was continuing a major cyber attack on Lithuania on Tuesday in retaliation for Vilnius’s decision to cease the transit of some goods under European Union sanctions to Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave. via:

Minors Use Discord Servers To Earn Extra Pocket Money Through Spreading Malware

Data Center Blind Spots in 2016

Avast, a global leader in digital security and privacy, has discovered an online community of minors constructing, exchanging and spreading malware, including ransomware and a mix of information stealers and cryptominers. The group lures young users by advertising access to different malware builders and tool kits that allow laypeople to construct malware easily. In some cases, people […]

Kubernetes API: Over 900,000 Exposures Found Across The Internet

Cyble Research Labs observed over 900,000 Kubernetes exposures across the internet. … it emphasizes the existence of seemingly simple misconfiguration practices that might make companies lucrative targets for TAs in the future. Kubernetes, often known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating containerized application deployment, scaling, and administration. K8s incorporates virtual and real machines […]

82% Cyber Breaches In Verizon’s Report Preventable, Says MyCena

Mega Security Breaches

Verizon recently released its 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, giving businesses vital insights into the state of cybersecurity around the world. It contains an analysis of over 23,000 incidents and 5,200 confirmed breaches, analysed over the past. Overall, Verizon attributes the number-one motive of cyberattacks to financial gain, saying almost four out of five breaches […]