Cyber-Attack On Iranian Steel Maker Causes Serious Fire

Infiltration by Design

It’s extremely rare for hackers, who operate in the digital world, to cause damage in the physical world. But a cyber-attack on a steel maker in Iran two weeks ago is being seen as one of those significant and troubling moments. A hacking group called Predatory Sparrow said it was behind the attack, which it […]

Ransomware Hits Flood Monitoring System In Goa, India – Perspective From Industry Leaders

A Ransomware attack hit Goa’s flood monitoring system according to the Hindustan Times, which reports that the state government’s water resources department that maintains the data said that all its files have been encrypted and can no longer be accessed. The data center server in Panaji stores the data of 15 flood monitoring systems on major rivers […]

The Lazarus Heist Through Sky Glass Moment

We’re in a Cyberwar

There is absolutely no doubt that the Investigative Journalist, Geoff Whites book, The Lazarus Heist (LH) is not only one of the best researched accounts of the dirty dealings of cyber-criminals, and state sponsored geopolitical actors, but is also a very exciting read. However, when considering some comments on Social Media, and other related professional […]