Initial Access Brokers – Key To Rise In Ransomware Attacks

An analysis from Recorded Future’s research group, Insikt Group, details the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by cybercriminals on dark web and special-access sources to compromise networks, deploy infostealer malware, and obtain valid credentials. Excerpts: Threat actors require remote access to compromised networks to conduct successful attacks, such as malware loader deployment, data exfiltration, […]

Solana Cyberattack – More Than 8,000 ‘Hot Wallets’ Drained

Penn State Univ. Cyberattack

The Solana network seems to be the victim of an ongoing cyberattack. Over the last few hours, several users have taken to Twitter to report that their Solana holdings have been completely drained. Data from block explorer, Solana FM backs these reports and shows that the attackers have managed to syphon off more than $5 […]

97% Of Top Universities Can’t Secure Email Domains – Expert Comments

Proofpoint released a new study on the inability of universities to secure email domains: 97% of top universities in the US, UK and Australia putting students, staff, and stakeholders at risk of being impersonated by cybercriminals. Excerpts: …97% of the top ten universities across each country are not taking appropriate measures to proactively block attackers from spoofing […]