Nelnet Data Breach Exposes Millions Of Student Loan Accounts

The Office of the Maine Attorney General said in a filing this week, that PII data of over 2.5 million people that had taken out student loans with either the Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA) or EdFinancial was exposed in a data breach. The breach affected Nelnet Servicing, a Nebraska-based technology services that provides web […]

Scammers Targeting Thousands Of Children As Young As Six, Figures Show

Customer Data has been Stolen

According to the Telegraph, figures from Action Fraud show an alarming number of children as young as six are being targeted by fraudsters as more than a thousand children and teenagers are now scammed every month. Almost 60,000 have reported falling victim to a scam or fraud since 2019, figures from Action Fraud show. Experts […]

Government Lays Out Plans To Protect Telecoms Networks Against Cyber Attacks

Telecoms providers will be required to put in place new, stronger security measures to protect UK networks from cyber attacks under plans published by the Government. The new regulations and a code of practice for telecoms firms will compel them to carry out more in-depth risk assessments and tighten security controls, with large fines for […]

79% of the Companies only Invest in Cybersecurity after Hacking Incidents


The British cybersecurity company Tanium published a survey on investments in digital protection in UK companies with alarming results: 79% of them only approve investments in cybersecurity after suffering a data breach; 92% experienced a data attack or breach, of which 74% occurred in 2021. Leadership reticence is also high, with 63% of leaders convinced […]