Rockstar GTA Leak – Dark Web Research

Enterprise Applications

Following news that Rockstar Games have been hacked, resulting in a data leak (, Louise Ferrett, Threat Intelligence Analyst at Searchlight Security has found by scanning the dark web that:  “Users on cybercriminal and dark web forums are pointing to a member of LAPSUS$ as the perpetrator of the cyberattack against Rockstar that has led to the leak of […]

Bosnia And Herzegovina Cyberattack

Healthcare Organisations Suffer one Cyberattack per month

It has been announced that cybercriminals have launched a ransomware attack against the parliament in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has brought critical activity to a standstill.

Thousands Of Customers Affected In Revolut Data Breach

The digital challenger bank Revolut has confirmed it was hit by a highly targeted cyberattack that allowed hackers to access the personal details of tens of thousands of customers. The app-based bank, launched in the UK in 2015, admitted that a third party gained access to the personal details of 0.16% of its 20 million customers but said: […]