Morgan Stanley Fined $35 Million For Security Lapses

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It has been announced that Morgan Stanley has agreed to pay a $35 million penalty for data security lapses that included unencrypted hard drives from decommissioned data centres being resold on auction sites without first being wiped.

Optus Data Breach Announced, Experts Weigh In

It has been reported that millions of Australians have had their personal details compromised in a major cyberattack on Optus. The telco confirmed the data breach in a statement on Thursday afternoon, revealing up to 9 million Australians could be affected.

Malwarebytes Glitch Causes Block To Google & YouTube For Users

Due to a glitch by anti-malware software company, Malwarebytes, it began yesterday detecting Google and YouTube domains as being malicious and therefore blocking its users from accessing the website homepage as well as the features that are used alongside it. 

Quantum Readiness- Key Concern For Top Dogs In Cybersecurity

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While quantum has become a big buzzword, the security implications are still very real. Cybersecurity leaders are very concerned by “harvest now, decrypt later” report finds. Quantum computers, once viable, will render existing encryption (cryptographic algorithms) redundant. This means that organisations must transfer to quantum-safe algorithms immediately to ensure they are ready in time!

Twitter Failed To Log Users Out Of All Their Devices After They Reset Password

As reported by Bleeping Computer, Twitter logged out some users after addressing a bug where some Twitter accounts remained logged on some mobile devices after voluntary password resets. “That means that if you proactively changed your password on one device, but still had an open session on another device, that session may not have been […]

Credential Stuffing Accounts For One-third Of Global Login Attempts, Okta Finds

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Okta’s global State of Secure Identity Report has found that credential stuffing is the top threat against customer accounts, outpacing legitimate login traffic in some countries. The report presents trends, examples and observations unearthed from the billions of authentications on Okta’s Auth0 platform. Credential stuffing is when attacks take advantage of the practice of password […]