Comment on Fifth annual Global IoT Day

Fifth annual Global IoT Day, comment from Martin Sugden, MD of Boldon James who highlights the need for organisations to identify and protect key data in IoT.

“The fifth annual Global IoT Day – arguably, the reason the Internet of Things is called that is because no one can quite get their heads round everything that it might encompass, so ‘things’ was the best anyone could do. Given this level of complexity, organisations must find a way to identify and protect key data in the tide of information that IoT generates. A data-centric security policy that requires staff to assign a value to data ensures that organisations can identify and control sensitive data no matter where it is and how much data they have.”

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By Martin Sugden, Chief Executive OfficerBoldon James

Martin-SugdenBIO: Martin joined Boldon James in 1998 and has over twenty years experience in the Security Industry. He led the Management Buyout (MBO) of Boldon James backed by ISIS Equity Partners and the subsequent sale to QinetiQ. His career began with Ernst & Young as a Chartered Accountant and he has been the CFO of two LSE-listed companies, the first of which he floated. His main passion is business development and he has held significant roles in a number of blue chip UK and US companies. Martin has an honours degree in Economics and Geography from Bradford University.

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