We all consider WiFi a blessing in the modern times. Wherever we go, we find WiFi hotspots to help us stay connected to our very own ‘digital lives’. However, we hardly stop and think about our WiFi security before connecting to a WiFi hotspot. You sure can sit in a café, turn on your laptop and continue with your educational or business projects using cafes’ WiFi hotspots but you will be highly vulnerable against cyber felons. This means you need industry’s best WiFi VPN for maximum security.

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The Threats

There are several threats that you can face while being on a public WiFi. One of the most notable one includes ‘the evil twin’. It is a WiFi connection that seems like the real WiFi hotspot of a dine-in, café etc. but would actually be a replica, setup by a hacker. Such fake hotspot captures a user’s data like passwords, credit card numbers, etc. once their connection is established. If you get connected to such a WiFi, your data can be stolen, your PC can be hacked and what not.

Another huge risk is the latest ‘war driver’. Non-secure wireless networks can be exploited via a war driver by a hacker within the WiFi range. A hacker armed with a war driver can enter the unrestricted hotspot and breach data on the network. It can be a stranger sitting in a park next to an office, a business competitor roaming around the premises or a disgruntled employee. War driving threat can cost a hotspot as well as users connected to it huge trouble.

The Solution

There are several other types of threats that exist for users of unprotected WiFi networks such as Blue jacking, Wireless network viruses and so on. So what’s the solution to it? Should you stop using the internet on public WiFis that have no passwords on them? Heck no! What you actually need is just one tool that allows you access open hotspots without having any security concerns. That tool is called VPN (Virtual Private Network). When we talk a VPN, we talk about industry’s leading software: PureVPN.

What Does PureVPN Do?

Security against Hackers

PureVPN is a perfect WiFi VPN that provides complete protection against hackers who want to get into your Smartphone or Laptop via a WiFi hotspot. If you are using PureVPN on your laptop, tablet or smartphone then it is almost impossible for someone to steal your information over a WiFi network. Thus, if you have a habit or routine of using internet on public WiFi hotspots, using PureVPN is a must for your WiFi internet security.

Data Encryption

PureVPN also encrypts your data to provide you maximum security. When you send and receive files over a public WiFi using PureVPN, it goes through a secure tunnel and is encrypted using secret algorithms which cannot be breached by a third party. PureVPN has made sure that the decryption of encrypted data is next to impossible.

PureVPN also provides complete privacy to ensure you cannot be traced by hackers. No matter what device or operating system you use, you will stay invisible to the privacy invaders. The anonymity factor also comes extremely handy because users are also able to access blocked websites by switching their IPs with 40,000+ IPs from PureVPN’s 300+ servers in 50+ countries.


All you need is to use PureVPN for best WiFi security. Thus, if you want to be completely protected while you are using a public WiFi hotspot, make sure to use PureVPN for ultimate WiFi security. You can use PureVPN simultaneously on 5 different devices to securely and anonymously surf the internet. Don’t think too much, get PureVPN now!

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