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API Security Is Top Concern For Security Leaders - Expert Thought
March 23 , 2021 by Ameet Naik
As hundreds of billions of dollars in online business rely on APIs to efficiently function, APIs con...
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Bug In WordPress Responsive Menu Plugin
February 12 , 2021 by Ameet Naik
The Responsive Menu WordPress plugin is just one of many third-party plugins that are a lucrative ta...
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Security Expert Re: Study Cites Biggest Security Threats To WordPress Sites
January 29 , 2021 by Ameet Naik
Shadow Code introduced via third-party themes and plugins substantially expands the attack surface f...
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Expert Insight On Critical "Orbit Fox" WordPress Plugin Vulnerability
January 14 , 2021 by Ameet Naik
With more than 30 percent of the web currently powered by WordPress, it remains an attractive target...
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Payment Skimmer Hides In Social Media Buttons
December 04 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Digital skimmers are constantly evolving new methods to evade detection by scanners. PerimeterX rese...
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Hoard Of Spotify User Data Exposed By Hackers' Careless Security Practices - Experts Reaction
November 24 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Hackers can profit enormously from credentials present in large database leaks such as these. Since...
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Experts On New Grelos Skimmer Variant Reveals Overlap in Magecart Activities
November 20 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
One of our predictions for 2021 is that cybercriminal communities will get stronger. The findings ab...
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Hackers Probing 1.5 Million WordPress Sites With Epsilon Framework Themes
November 19 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
The security flaws on WordPress websites in themes using the Epsilon Framework are just another exam...
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Experts Reacted On The North Face Credential Stuffing Attack
November 13 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Given the vast volume of stolen credentials out there, hackers launch credential stuffing attacks us...
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Warner Music Discloses Months-long Web Skimming Incident: Expert Commentary
September 04 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Digital skimming and Magecart attacks continue to be a lucrative source of revenue for hackers as th...
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American Payroll Association Breached - Expert Reaction
September 01 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Client-side data breaches are a major risk to organizations in the era of stronger data privacy regu...
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Popular iOS SDK Steals Click Revenue From Other Ad Networks - Expert Insight
August 25 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Open source libraries and third-party SDKs are an inevitable reality for modern web and mobile appli...
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Multiple Vulnerabilities In Discount Rules For WooCommerce Plugin - Comment
August 24 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Third-party plugins are an attractive target for hackers seeking to compromise e-commerce sites. Att...
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Expert Reaction On Maximum Severity Vulnerability in WordPress wpDiscuz Plugin
July 30 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
WordPress powers over 30% of the web and remains an attractive target for attackers. This latest fla...
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Twilio's SDK Compromised by Attackers - Expert Reaction
July 23 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Modern web applications make extensive use of third-party scripts and open source libraries, such as...
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Cyber Experts Comment On US Secret Service Creates New Cyber Fraud Task Force
July 13 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Financial crimes and cyber crimes are two sides of the same coin. Digital skimming and Magecart atta...
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DIY Tool Website Greenworks Hacked By Self-Destructing Web-Skimmer - Expert Reaction
June 11 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Magecart attacks are continuing to become more sophisticated as seen with the self-cloaking capabili...
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Fitness Depot Breach - Comments
June 09 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
The attackers in this case redirected users to a fake checkout page that was completely controlled b...
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Experts Comments On Bugs In WordPress plugins LearnPress, LearnDash, And LifterLMS For Online Courses Let Students Cheat
May 01 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
WordPress plugins are a critical third-party risk in any web application and a frequent target for a...
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To Avoid Magecart Attacks, Visa Urges Merchants To Migrate To Magento 2.X - Expert Advise
April 10 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Magento-based ecommerce sites have been notorious for both first- and third-party code attacks which...
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Expert Reaction On Researchers Find Fraud Increasing
April 09 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
We are entering another week of the social distancing effort to fight the coronavirus. We’ve seen...
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Industry Leaders And Cybersecurity Experts Insight On Marriott International Data Breach
April 01 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Account takeover (ATO) attacks are a major threat to any business. It is much simpler and lucrative...
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Experts Insight On Magecart Attack
March 19 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Magecart attacks are reaching fever pitch with multiple attackers using a variety of techniques to c...
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100K Sites Affected By Vulnerabilities Patched In Popup Builder Plugin - Exper Insight
March 16 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
The client -side is the new battleground and JavaScript is the attack surface. Over 70% of the scrip...
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Zynga Class-Action Lawsuit From Massive Breach - Experts Reaction
March 06 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that went into effect on January 1, 2020 is raising the s...
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Experts Reaction On Credit Card Skimmer Running On 13 Shopping Sites, Despite Notification
February 26 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Businesses often leverage third-party platforms and services to take their brands online. When a Mag...
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Magecart Credit Card Skimmer Found On Nine Sites - Expert Advise
February 21 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
Magecart attacks are getting more sophisticated, and attackers are taking extra measures to evade de...
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Comments On Thousands Of WordPress Sites Hacked To Fuel Scam Campaign
January 23 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
WordPress plugins are another example of third-party risks to websites, and have been a frequent tar...
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Multiple Hacking Groups Attempt To Skim Credit Cards From Perricone MD - Experts View
January 13 , 2020 by Ameet Naik
In November of 2019, PerimeterX researchers uncovered a new trend of multiple Magecart attacks activ...
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Mozilla To Force All Add-On Devs To Use 2FA To Prevent Supply-Chain Attacks – Comments
December 16 , 2019 by Ameet Naik
The client-side is becoming the new battleground in the effort to secure web applications. According...
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Hundreds Of Counterfeit Online Shoe Stores Injected With Credit Card Skimmer - Comments
December 12 , 2019 by Ameet Naik
Digital skimming and Magecart attacks are the biggest threat to even legitimate e-commerce sites. Sh...