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Fifth Of 18 To 34-year-olds Have Fallen Victim To Financial Scams
November 09 , 2022 by Andy Norton
Serial bank robber Willie Sutton, was once asked by the FBI, why he robbed banks, Sutton famously re...
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Expert Commentary: Go-Ahead Cyber Attack
September 07 , 2022 by Andy Norton
It’s unsurprising to see threat-actors targeting key sectors within UK infrastructure. It’s clea...
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Apple Security Flaw Actively Exploited By Hackers
August 19 , 2022 by Andy Norton
This clearly has wide reaching implications. Apple products have become a mainstay of everyday life,...
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NHS IT Supplier Held To Ransom By Hackers
August 15 , 2022 by Andy Norton
Why does it matter that this is ransomware and not another generic cyber attack? "It matters becaus...
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NHS 111 Cyberattack And Experts Reactions
August 08 , 2022 by Andy Norton
The latest attack on the NHS 111 system – which has been confirmed to be a ransomware attack by a...
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Comment: One In Three Organisations See Malicious Insiders As Ransomware Route
July 29 , 2022 by Andy Norton
"Judging Blame is a key aspect to minimising the cost of a ransom attack, and all other forms of bre...
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Cyber-Attack On Iranian Steel Maker Causes Serious Fire
July 12 , 2022 by Andy Norton
“This is the age of the cyber physical attack. Convergence and transformation have presented many...
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FBI Warning On Ransomware Attacks Against The Agriculture Sector
April 21 , 2022 by Andy Norton
There is an element of speculation in the notification. A disruption to the agriculture sector may b...
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Comment: Pegasus Suspected To Have Infected 10 Downing Street
April 19 , 2022 by Andy Norton
It would be naive of any government to think that they are not at the centre of espionage attempts o...
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Nordex Issues Statement Following Cyber Attack, Expert Reaction
April 14 , 2022 by Andy Norton
We have seen organisations in this sector increase the level of confidence they have in their cyber...
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Swissport Ransomware Attack Delays Flights, Disrupts Operations
February 07 , 2022 by Andy Norton
This is the third attack in a week on European critical infrastructure providers. The attacks have f...
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KP Snacks Hit By Ransomware - Experts Opinions
February 03 , 2022 by Andy Norton
Everyone at KP Snacks must be jumping through Hula Hoops to get production flowing again. The IT eco...
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German Petrol Company Oiltanking Suffers Cyberattack
February 02 , 2022 by Andy Norton
For decades, ICS cybersecurity simply didn’t exist because it didn’t need to. Operational techno...
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Maryland Confirms Ransomware, Leaving Hospitals Struggling
January 14 , 2022 by Andy Norton
The announcement has been some time coming from Maryland Health, who out of an Abundance of caution...
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53% Of Companies Are Left Exposed To Supply Chain Attacks
October 25 , 2021 by Andy Norton
It feels like we are at a bit of a turning point. It used to be that organisations didn’t know wha...
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Comment: New Group Can Breach Organisation, Steal Sensitive Data Without Ransomware
October 14 , 2021 by Andy Norton
Data exfiltration as part of an intrusion is a double edged sword for malicious actors. The motivat...
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Nine Cyber Attacks On UK's Transport Sector Missed
September 01 , 2021 by Andy Norton
The inherent loophole in mandatory breach disclosure is the subjective measure of what constitutes a...
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Experts On Northern Rail Ticket Machines Targeted in a Suspected Ransomware Attack
July 21 , 2021 by Andy Norton
Given how recent the installation was, it would appear some basic security mechanisms are missing fr...
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SonicWall Alerts of Imminent Ransomware Campaign
July 16 , 2021 by Andy Norton
The immediate requirement for SonicWall customers is now to profile their asset estate for SMA and S...
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Expert Reaction On Growing Cyber-threats To Telecoms
July 02 , 2021 by Andy Norton
Energy, Telecoms and Transport are highlighted as being at risk from increasing cyber-attacks. Combi...
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Another Healthcare Giant Grupo Fleury Suffers Ransomware Attack
June 28 , 2021 by Andy Norton
The Healthcare industry and healthcare supply chain are both one of the top three targeted sectors w...
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Experts Insight: Ransomware Attack On Steamship Authority Of Massachusetts Ferry Service
June 04 , 2021 by Andy Norton
Since May, Armis has monitored 13 ransom gangs. During this month, we found that 193 organisations a...
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Security Expert Re: FUJIFILM Ransomware Attack
June 04 , 2021 by Andy Norton
Fuji will be the 3rd significant organisation in Japan to be impacted by ransomware in recent months...
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Klarna Privacy Incident Was 'Self-Inflicted Bug', Experts Weigh In
May 31 , 2021 by Andy Norton
Anything that can be used to personally identify a citizen of Europe is classified as GDPR controlle...
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Colonial Pipeline Pays $5 Million Ransom
May 17 , 2021 by Andy Norton
I don’t think we are at the end of this story, there is no clear winner here. Darkside may of been...
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Experts Insight On US Pipeline Shut After Cyberattack
May 11 , 2021 by Andy Norton
These ‘Cyber Physical’ attacks are a big deal, because they demonstrate just how fragile the pro...
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Smart Cities, A Gold Mine of Data - How Can Organisations Protect Themselves?
May 10 , 2021 by Andy Norton
Smart devices turning rogue will be one of the critical challenges facing smart cities and other dig...
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Microsoft Discloses Vulnerabilities in OT and IoT Devices
April 30 , 2021 by Andy Norton
The biggest challenge faced by organisations today is simply not knowing what needs to be secured. O...
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Experts Insight On Merseyrail Targeted with Lockbit Ransomware
April 29 , 2021 by Andy Norton
Yet another critical infrastructure provider impacted by a ransomware attack. It’s not known at th...
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Apple Attacked By REvil Ransomware - Response
April 22 , 2021 by Andy Norton
Paying a ransom should never be encouraged. This is just a desperate attempt of the REVil gang to ex...
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Why To Codecov Breach? Experts Weigh In
April 21 , 2021 by Andy Norton
It is becoming more apparent that a proper Crown Jewels Analysis (CJA) approach is required to augme...
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Expert Commentary On CISA Warns Of APTs Exploiting Fortinet Vulnerabilities
April 07 , 2021 by Andy Norton
This is a major challenge to organisations as there is a never ending stream of vulnerable devices t...