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Microsoft Announces Windows Autopatch, Cybersecurity Experts Weigh In
April 12 , 2022 by Boris Cipot
Microsoft has made patching more prominent in recent years, even tracing ransomware and patching the...
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Google Almost Doubles Linux Kernel, Kubernetes Zero-day Rewards
February 17 , 2022 by Boris Cipot
No company wants to be at the root cause of a breach, and this is likely one of the motivations behi...
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Experts On Express MRI Notifies Patients of Data Breach
July 27 , 2021 by Boris Cipot
It is good to hear that no financial or insurance information, patient images or social security num...
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Apple’s AirDrop Leaks Users’ PII, And There’s Not Much They Can Do About It
April 27 , 2021 by Boris Cipot
The concept of the security triangle helps us to understand the relationship between security, funct...
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Advancements In Invoicing - A Highly Sophisticated Way To Distribute ZLoader
March 11 , 2021 by Boris Cipot
Cases like this teach us one thing – never open an attachment addressed from an untrustworthy or u...
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Cybersecurity Expert Insight: SITA Data Breach
March 10 , 2021 by Boris Cipot
The most concerning aspect of this data breach is the broad scope of the attack. In this case, the b...
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Experts Reaction On Hackers Steal Foxtons Customer Data
February 04 , 2021 by Boris Cipot
It is not unusual for service-oriented organisations to store customer data. This might include name...
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What Expert Says On VMWare ESXi Vulnerability To Encrypt Virtual Hard Disks
February 03 , 2021 by Boris Cipot
If an attacker is in the network and able to access the port 427, they are likely to have already ex...
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Expert Commentary: Phishing Attack Impersonates UK NHS To Obtain Sensitive Consumer Data
January 27 , 2021 by Boris Cipot
The current pandemic presents a great opportunity for scammers and cybercriminals worldwide to take...
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Expert Commentary: Hacker Posts 1.9 Million Pixlr User Records For Free On Forum
January 21 , 2021 by Boris Cipot
In the wake of this breach, users should change their password on the platform and on any other site...
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Expert Insight On Amnesia:33 Vulnerabilities Impact Millions Of Smart And Industrial Devices
December 09 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
One thing that IoT users need to be aware of is that many of the devices on the market and used in t...
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Experts Insight On User Data Of Event Management App Peatix Hacked
November 25 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Usually, when we hear about hackers offering stolen data, this takes place over deep web forums or p...
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Expert Advice In Reference Of Chaes Malware Strikes MercadoLivre
November 19 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Long gone are the days when malware writers did so simply for the fame and credit. We need to unders...
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Privacy Experts On API Bug On Dating Site Bumble Exposed Personal Information Of 100M Users
November 18 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
APIs are an integral part of almost every application today. They enable integration with other syst...
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Experts Reacted On Lazarus Malware Strikes South Korean Supply Chains
November 17 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
For many services in South Korea, visitors must first download special security software in order to...
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Experts Insight On Jupyter Trojan - Newly Discovered Malware Stealthily Steals Usernames And Passwords
November 17 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Once more, individuals are being tested on their attention to detail. This time, users are having to...
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Animal Jam Kids' Virtual World Hit By Data Breach, Impacting 46m Accounts: Expert Commentary
November 13 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
The gaming industry is a common target for attacks, be it data theft or ransomware attacks. An inter...
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Experts Insight On Hotel Booking Firm Leaks Info From Millions Of Guests
November 10 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
This is not the first, nor the last time, that we will see an organisation unintentionally leak data...
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Expert On Italian Beverage Vendor Campari Knocked Offline After Ransomware Attack
November 09 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
This recent ransomware attack on Campari shows that cybercriminals are not just interested in target...
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23,600 Hacked Databases Have Leaked From A Defunct 'Data Breach Index' Site
November 05 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
When data stolen in a breach is made public or sold to the highest bidder, the race to exploit these...
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Experts Insight On Toy Maker Mattel Discloses Ransomware Attack
November 05 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
It is refreshing to see an organisation recover from a cyberattack without major losses. Mattel\'s r...
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FBI Alert: Imminent Threat Of Ransomware Attacks On U.S. Healthcare – Experts Comments
October 30 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Hospitals are a global element of societal and economic critical infrastructure. As such, they shoul...
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Experts Reacted On Pharma Giant Pfizer Exposes Patient Data On Unsecured Cloud Storage
October 23 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Storing data within a cloud container has become the norm today. However, it seems that few systems...
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Experts Insight On Barnes & Noble Hack
October 15 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Even if payment data was not exposed, I would recommend that customers keep their guard up. Transact...
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Expert On Malware Gangs Love Open Source Offensive Hacking Tools
October 14 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
On one hand, OST can be considered as a means of sharing lessons learned. If a researcher finds a vu...
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Experts On News that Data of more than 500,000 referees stolen in ransomware attack
September 23 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
As we can see in this instance, ransomware attacks are no longer simply about entering a system and...
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Experts On Major Activision Hack Reportedly Compromises Over 500k CoD Accounts
September 22 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Gaming is not simply entertainment for children, it is a thriving industry with highly sophisticated...
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Experts Insight On Purdue Findings That Billions Of Devices Vulnerable To New 'BLESA' Bluetooth Security Flaw
September 18 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
As with any piece of technology we use today, there is the potential that they could be employed inc...
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Expert Reacted On News: Research exposes cyber security industry’s vulnerabilities
September 16 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Immunity to cyber threats does not exist. For example, looking at software, we can see that its arch...
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Experts Reaction On CISA And FBI Rebut Reports About Hacked Voter Data On Russian Forum
September 03 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
As technology is increasingly integrated into our lives, it can be potentially life-threatening if i...
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Expert on News: 50,000 Australian driving licences are leaked online
September 02 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
In the past, when cloud storage services were not as common as they are today, an attacker would hav...
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Experts On MGM Hotel Breach
July 16 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Whenever we read or hear about a breach, we immediately begin by wondering how the breach happened,...
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Expert Advise on Zoom Zero Day Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Target Windows 7 PCs
July 13 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Although Microsoft Windows 10 makes up the majority of existing Windows operating systems, there is...
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Expert Insight On Massive Spying On Users Of Google's Chrome Shows New Security Weakness
June 18 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Spyware, or other malware, finding its way into software repositories is a known risk. Indeed, this...
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Expert On 100,000 Cheap Wireless Cameras Vulnerable To Hacking
June 15 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
We use IoT devices and its technology as if it is already matured. Yet, we, as users and consumers o...
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Comments On Unsecured Databases Attacked 18 Times Per Day By Hackers
June 11 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Finding exposed databases or devices on the internet today quite easy, as further proven by Comparit...
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Expert Reaction On DopplePaymer Ransomware Infected The Network Of One Of NASA's IT Contractors
June 04 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
There is currently a high level of uncertainty regarding what data has been breached, but based on w...
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Future MOT Tests May Include Cars To Be Tested For Cyber Security To Prevent Hacks
June 03 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
The introduction of a standard such as this can help in providing the needed oversight, stability as...
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Experts Reaction On 26 Million LiveJournal Credentials Leaked Online
May 28 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Even as this database dump is potentially in excess of five years old, this situation further suppor...
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Comment: New Android Bug Lets Malware Pose As Real Apps And Steal User Data
May 26 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
It’s promising to see that Google has reacted so quickly here, implementing a system through which...
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Home Chef Data Breach: Experts Commentary
May 21 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Attackers define the rules of engagement when it comes to carrying out data breaches, and attackers...
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Industry Leader Comments On Truefire Hacked, Credit cards And Personal Info May Have Been Compromised
March 18 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
As always, it is unfortunate to hear when a website has been breached and user data has been comprom...
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Experts Insight On Financial Companies Leak 425GB In Company, Client Data Through Open Database
March 18 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
This is not the first time we have seen the improper use of a cloud service result in a disaster. It...
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Boots Suspends Advantage Card Payments After Cyber Attack - Experts Responds
March 06 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Reused passwords are almost as dangerous as weak passwords. Typically, we are under the impression t...
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Philips Smart Lights Vulnerability Allows Hopping To Devices On The Network - Experts Advise
February 08 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
IoT devices, be it bulbs, door locks, home assistants, switches etc., are a common utility in many h...
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Cyber Breach Causes Shares To Fall For Medical Manufacturing Firm Tissue Regenix
January 30 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
It would be interesting to know how long the attackers had access to their systems, and what data wa...
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LabCorp Exposes Thousands Of Medical Documents - Commentary
January 29 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Digitalisation brings about a lot of benefits such as ease of information accessibility as well as e...
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Thousands Of British Passports Left Exposed On Unsecured AWS Bucket
January 16 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Cloud storage solutions are convenient and cost effective. It’s also of great importance to rememb...
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Major Flaw In Windows 10 Discovered By The NSA - Experts Reactions
January 15 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
This is serious news, as the crypt32.dll is a module needed for securing the Microsoft Operating Sys...
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Experts On Report: Developers Still Don't Properly Handle Sensitive Data
January 10 , 2020 by Boris Cipot
Many organisations, not only OSS projects, find it difficult to code with security in mind. Many dev...
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Comment: Connected Toys Identified With Serious Security Flaws
December 11 , 2019 by Boris Cipot
‘Smart’ devices are widely understood to be able to connect with other devices via the internet...
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Cyberattack On UK Labour Party System - Experts Reactions
November 13 , 2019 by Boris Cipot
A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack attempts to disrupt a network service by bombarding it...
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Experts Reaction On Malware That Spits Cash Out Of ATMs Has Spread Across The World
October 16 , 2019 by Boris Cipot
An ATM is nothing but a computer connected to a safe that ejects cash through a mechanical system wh...
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Experts On Organisations Worldwide Failing To Adequately Protect Sensitive Data In The Cloud
October 09 , 2019 by Boris Cipot
Almost every company in the world collects some sort of user data. There is virtually no service tha...
Expert Commentary
Ex-Yahoo Engineer Hacked Accounts To Steal Pornography
October 02 , 2019 by Boris Cipot
Every employer has to deal with insider threat at one point or another. Often, company guidelines wi...
Expert Commentary
Multicloud Deployments Are Twice As Likely To Fall Victim To Security Breaches
September 05 , 2019 by Boris Cipot
Complexity has never been a friend to security. The more complex a system (or in this respect also a...
Expert Commentary
Google Finds 'Indiscriminate iPhone Attack Lasting Years'
August 30 , 2019 by Boris Cipot
For a long time, there was a myth that iOS and OSX are secure operating systems and don\'t need any...