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Subway Customers Receive 'Malware' Emails - Expert Advice
December 14 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
This is an elaborate attack. People in the UK are going to get more than their lunchtime “sarnie...
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Security Expert Re: Non-Profit Philadelphia Food Bank Loses Nearly A Million Dollars To BEC Scam
December 03 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
Unfortunately, scammers are drawn to the money trail with no regard for ethics, so this means non-pr...
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Security Expert Re: Scammers Impersonate IRS, Threaten Legal Action As Tax Payment Deadline Looms
November 11 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
To make this scam even more credible, it coincides with the IRS sending out real written demands for...
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Experts Insight On Major US Twitter Accounts Hacked in Bitcoin Scam
July 16 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
It appears to be a highly targeted attack on a Golden Key Holder – a highly authorized Admin with...
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Cyber Experts Comment On US Secret Service Creates New Cyber Fraud Task Force
July 13 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
This move makes sense. We do, however, have a lot of duplication of tasks among the various arms of...
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Personal Details of 1M Dating App Customers Leaked - Security expert comments
July 07 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
ElasticSearch databases are probably the primary sources of data leaks, because of misconfigurations...
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Comment: Potentially Sensitive Data From Over 200 US Police Departments Exposed Online By 'BlueLeak's
June 23 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
At the heart of cyber-risk is convenience – making it easy to upload files and build a website has...
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Expert Insight On Dark Basin - Uncovering A Massive Hack-For-Hire Operation
June 10 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
The University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab’s report reads like a movie script. Half the time I’m...
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Security Expert Re: Maze Ransomware Attacks ST Engineering's U.S. Aerospace Subsidiary
June 09 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
The fact that “ a compromised Administrator account” was the entry point for the Maze ransomware...
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Michigan State University hit By Ransomware Gang - Cybersecurity Experts Insight
May 29 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
More and more, we see that ransomware is not a technology issue per se. This is about human behavio...
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Hacked Law Firm Informs Celeb Clients Including Lady Gaga And Madonna Of Data Breach - Experts Insight
May 18 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
If you don\'t patch people as part of an integrated cybersecurity strategy, you get to make statemen...
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Security Experts Re: Pitney Bowes Attacked By Maze Ransomware - Again
May 12 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
With the pandemic still keeping global workforces out of the office, C suites are starting to realiz...
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Microsoft On Ransomware - Expert Comments
April 30 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
Microsoft is telling its customers how to use (Microsoft) technology to mitigate the attack after it...
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WHO Emails, Passwords Leaked - Cybersecurity Expert Comments
April 26 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
These credentials are most likely from earlier data breaches, usually where people have used work em...
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Google Says It's Blocking Millions Of COVID-19 Phishing & Spam Emails - Expert Reaction
April 17 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
On the other hand, hackers use Gmail accounts with spoof names in BEC fraud, and to associate Gmail...
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White House Phishing Scam - Expert Comments
April 10 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
Hackers have their act together. They realize that this is not about IT security and firewall breach...
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Security Experts Re: Ryuk Ransomware Targets Hospitals
March 30 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
Healthcare is the richest target for hackers, who are never going to let the proverbial crisis go to...
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Experts On Finastra Security Breach News
March 23 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
Organized crime rings, malignant state actors and opportunistic fraudsters adore crises, and this on...
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WHO Warns Of Coronavirus Phishing Attacks - Experts Comments
February 19 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
Hackers love to exploit fear and uncertainty, and crises are a big opportunity for them. I suspect t...
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Security Experts Analysis Of FBI Crime Report
February 13 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
BEC is commonly referred to as CEO fraud, because it relies on the exploitation of authority figures...
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Hackers Using Oscar Nominated Movies As Bait To Phish And Spread Malware
February 08 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
And the winner is…cybercrime! The multi-billion dollar cybercrime industry shows how to pick the w...
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Citibank Phishing - Expert Comment And Analysis From Lucy Security CEO Colin Bastable
January 24 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
Any hacker can add a certificate to a phishing site. Even a free, 90-day one from the certificate in...
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Cybersecurity Experts Weigh In On Jan. 28 Data Privacy Day
January 24 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
While organized crime rings and governments (there is some overlap there!) get the most blame for da...
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Over 1 Billion Medical Records Exposed Online - Experts Comments
January 14 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
Unfortunately most of the medical world thinks it exists in isolation, in its own private cloud, whi...
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COMMENT: Travelex Forced To Take Down Site Following Cyber Attack
January 03 , 2020 by Colin Bastable
The Christmas/New Year period is ideal for phishing and other socially-engineered attacks – people...
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New Phishing Campaign Targeting Gov’t Departments Around The World - Commentary From Email Security Expert
December 13 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
State and local governments are badly exposed to the risks of ransomware and CEO/BEC (Business Email...
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Sprint Contractor Left AWS Bucket Containing Thousands Of Mobile Phone Bills Exposed
December 07 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
If American consumers knew how careless third parties are with their data, they would – or should...
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Security Expert Re: Data Care Act introduced To Help Protect Consumers' Personal Data Online
December 05 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
\"Most businesses have zero idea about how much consumer data they are responsible for, so they shou...
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Experts Reaction On 1.2 Billion Records Were Found Online On An Exposed, Unsecure Single Server
November 24 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
Once again, businesses are monetizing personal data on a massive scale, and abdicating responsibilit...
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Security Awareness Expert re: Microsoft Office 365 Targeted By Audio Voicemail Phishing
November 01 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
Brands are created at immense cost to build trust and credibility, so it makes sense for hackers to...
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Experts On "BriansClub" Hack Rescues 26m Stolen Cards
October 16 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
All of the card data stolen from BriansClub was shared with multiple sources who work closely with f...
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DoorDash Data Breach Impacts 4.9M Users - Experts Comments
September 27 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
Doordash does more than take a bite out of your food... Once again, third party risk exposes consum...
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Privacy And Security Experts Re: 100 Days Until CA Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance Deadline
September 25 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
To all intents and purposes this law is already in effect – it covers data held since January 1st...
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Experts Dots On Partner Exposes Resumes And CVs For Applicants From 2014 Through 2017
September 09 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
Once again, third party risk is shown to be the great cybersecurity risk multiplier. But this case s...
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Capital One Suffers Data Breach Affecting 100 Million Customers
August 01 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
At last, tokenization is deployed, doing what it is supposed to do. Good job, Capital One, more plea...
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Silicon Valley Grand Jury Election Security Report
July 29 , 2019 by Colin Bastable
A mobile soft token is by far a better solution – there are many different solutions everyone has...