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Cyber Talent Shortage Remains A Top Problem For Sec Pros – CEO Perspective
April 08 , 2022 by Doug Britton
Excellence as a cybersecurity practitioner, particularly in pen testing, draws on cognitive abilitie...
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Study - Most Online Shoppers Remain With Retailer After A Breach, Experts Weigh In
November 19 , 2021 by Doug Britton
After a data breach, consumers are often faced with difficult challenges of understanding where the...
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Commentary On The Return Of Emotet
November 17 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Emotet is a pervasive piece of malware and indicative of the recycling and evolution in malware deli...
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New BotenaGo Botnet With 30+ Exploits Targets Millions Of IoT Devices
November 15 , 2021 by Doug Britton
BotenaGo is a sophisticated piece of malware and indicative of the evolution in detection evasion te...
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Zelle Scams Increasing For The Holidays
November 12 , 2021 by Doug Britton
This is a concerning issue for Zelle. Trust is integral to any financial tool or application. Scammi...
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U.S. Charges Ukrainian For Kaseya Attack; Seizes $6mill In Ransom $
November 10 , 2021 by Doug Britton
The identification and apprehension of cyber criminals is a win for international law enforcement, b...
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State Hackers Breach Nine After CISA Alert Warns Of Exploits
November 09 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Current tools and resources allow bad actors unprecedented abilities to scan and exploit vulnerabili...
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FBI Warns Ransomware Actors Using Financial Events, Stock Valuation To Target Companies, Experts Weigh In
November 03 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Criminal organizations are realizing the ability to drive leverage in their extortion demands by tar...
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AbstractEmu Malware Roots Android Devices, Evades Detection
November 01 , 2021 by Doug Britton
AbstractEmu is a sophisticated and far-reaching malware. Exploiting a chipset vulnerability can allo...
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Businesses Not Protecting Cloud Data - Thales Findings
October 29 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Security of cloud data is critical to modern IT infrastructure. It is surprising to see the reported...
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CISA Alert – Critical Discourse Bug
October 26 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Level 10 bugs are undoubtedly the most serious vulnerabilities. Discourse is a major communications...
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Sinclair TV Confirms Cyber Attack – Expert Comments
October 19 , 2021 by Doug Britton
An alarming number of US and Multinational corporations have inadequate security precautions and are...
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MysterySnail RAT Uses MSoft Zero-day – 3 Experts Comment
October 13 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Windows OS is under constant threat. This attack is an important reminder that cybersecurity require...
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Ransomware Hits US Grain Supply Again – 5 Cyber Experts Comment
October 08 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Supply chain attacks have some of the highest impacts because of the magnified downstream impact. Th...
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4 Experts - Atom Silo grp Attacks Confluence Servers
October 06 , 2021 by Doug Britton
This breach demonstrates just how easy it is to spin up a damaging attack using established malware...
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Senate Bill Requires Critical Infrastructure Organisations To Report Cyberattacks - Security Expert Comments
September 30 , 2021 by Doug Britton
At Haystack Solutions, we fully agree that our national cyber defense is of the highest importance....
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4 Experts Comment - Deloitte Calls For Integration Of Cybersec And ERM Functions At Federal Agencies
September 27 , 2021 by Doug Britton
We understand and agree that the scope of cyber security extends well beyond endpoint protection and...
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Port Of Houston Cyber Attack - Experts Weigh In
September 27 , 2021 by Doug Britton
This successful defense is a stark reminder that organizations and agencies alike are under constant...
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Malicious URLS Slipping Past Security Vendors, Experts Weigh In
September 23 , 2021 by Doug Britton
It is startling to see just how ineffective the majority of malware detection solutions are. Relying...
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MoD Shares Afghanistan Interpreter’s Emails & PII
September 22 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Even with the most sophisticated network defense available, security compromises can happen in seemi...
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Marketron Suffers BlackMatter Attack, Shuts Down All svcs. – 5 Experts Comment
September 21 , 2021 by Doug Britton
This is another stark reminder that criminal organizations are evolving in their technological sophi...
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Expert Comments - Travis CI Flaw Reveals *All* Keys, Credentials, And API Tokens, "Developers Furious"
September 17 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Travis-ci is a very useful tool to help developers spot coding errors at a very early stage. This vu...
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100 Million User T-Mobile Breach? – Multiple Comments
August 17 , 2021 by Doug Britton
This is a very frustrating report. Mobile devices are key to many 2-factor authentication protocols....
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Senate/DHS Find Substantial Fed Agency Cybersec Lapses
August 05 , 2021 by Doug Britton
This is an unnerving report and should be considered as a call to action. These agencies deal with d...
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HiveNightmare Windows Zero-Day Vuln Allows Privilege Escalation
July 23 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Securing networks is akin to balancing spinning plates. System administrators rely on admin rights...
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CISA Ransomware Assessment Tool Released
July 02 , 2021 by Doug Britton
CISA\'s new toolset is a solid approach to preparing and hardening systems against cyber threats. Us...
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House Intros H.R. 4055 American Cybersecurity Literacy Act
June 28 , 2021 by Doug Britton
Educating and training the public and a cyber workforce should be national priorities. With an incre...
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NATO to Consider Military Response to Cyberattacks – 3 Defense & Cyber Experts Comment
June 16 , 2021 by Doug Britton
This communique makes clear that the US and her allies must change the urgency and economics around...