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Dr. Muhammad Malik is an experienced information security leader with more than 20 years of experience in enterprise security and consulting for public and private organizations. He focuses on enterprise security governance and strategies, information security frameworks, security architectures, security solution designing, and building and deploying managed security services. He also leads security consulting, risk assessment and policy development. Malik has also led the development of several information security programs, working closely with executive leadership, chief information security officers (CISOs) and operational teams to transform their security programs. He has more than five years of experience heading the information security assurance department at a media group operating across five continents. He is also serveing as chief editor at Information Security Buzz.

Articles and Comments By Dr. Muhammad Malik

Expert Commentary
Expert On AnarchyGrabber Trojan Update Stealing Discord Clients Passwords
May 29 , 2020 by Dr. Muhammad Malik
This popular Trojan malware has been updated by hackers to modify the chat platform Discord client...
Expert Commentary
Bouygues Construction Paralysed By A Major Cyber Attack - Experts Insight
February 04 , 2020 by Dr. Muhammad Malik
The threat actors behind the Maze ransomware attacks are responsible for this attack and they are kn...
Expert Commentary
DoorDash Data Breach Impacts 4.9M Users - Experts Comments
October 01 , 2019 by Dr. Muhammad Malik
DoorDash spokesperson blamed the breach on \"a third-party service provider\", without disclosing th...
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Dubai Company Loses $53,000 In Targeted Cyber Attack
September 25 , 2019 by Dr. Muhammad Malik
Although email infrastructure is critical to any organization and security controls should be implem...
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Experts Comments Linux Malware (Skidmap) Illicit Cryptocurrency Mining
September 25 , 2019 by Dr. Muhammad Malik
Cryptocurrency mining malware is still a prevalent threat in 2019 and Cybercriminals are devising ne...