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Expert Commentary
3.7 Million Customers Data Of Hilton Hotels Put Up For Sale
January 29 , 2023 by Erfan Shadabi
The leisure and travel industry is particularly vulnerable to targeted cybersecurity attacks. The da...
Expert Commentary
Riot Games Move Release Of Game Patches After Security Breach
January 24 , 2023 by Erfan Shadabi
"The lesson from this incident is that no matter what industry you are in, prepare for such eventual...
Expert Commentary
Mailchimp Reports Data Breach, Employees Records Exposed
January 20 , 2023 by Erfan Shadabi
"This cybersecurity incident shows just how clever threat actors can be in adapting existing social...
Expert Commentary
Royal Mail Struck By 'Cyber-Incident' Leading To Post Delay
January 16 , 2023 by Erfan Shadabi
"Looking at the attack that wreaked havoc on operations at Royal Mail we should be mindful of the fa...
Expert Commentary
Royal Mail Struck By 'Cyber-Incident' Leading To Post Delay
January 13 , 2023 by Erfan Shadabi
"Sometimes it takes a security incident hitting an unexpected targeted to drive home the importance...
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14 UK Schools Confidential Documents Leaked By Hackers
January 09 , 2023 by Erfan Shadabi
"Given the troves of personal information stored within lower and higher education institutions, the...
Expert Commentary
235 Million Twitter Users Leaked In Biggest Data Leak
January 06 , 2023 by Erfan Shadabi
"Something as simple as a misconfiguration or, in this case, an API vulnerability can trigger data e...
Expert Commentary
Apple Advances User Security With Powerful New Data Protections
December 08 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Apple’s hardware is probably the most secure in the market but for years, privacy advocates have b...
Expert Commentary
French Hospital Suspends Operations After Cyber Attacks
December 05 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
This a serious and deplorable incident in which the lives of the most vulnerable have been threatene...
Expert Commentary
South Staffs Water Hacking Victims Have Bank Details Published On Dark Web After Cyber Attack
November 30 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Breaches like the one affecting South Staffs Water, which has exposed the PII of many customers, unf...
Expert Commentary
5.4 Million Twitter Users' Stolen Data Leaked Online, More Shared Privately
November 29 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
The report that threat actors released and shared user records containing non-public information of...
Expert Commentary
The UK's Biggest Anti-fraud Operation: 70,000 Victims To Receive Text Messages
November 24 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
This is a move in the right direction and bittersweet news for the victims, and a cautionary tale fo...
Expert Commentary
Zendesk Vulnerability Could Have Given Hackers Access To Customer Data
November 17 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Situations like this one should make any conscientious enterprise stop, investigate, and determine w...
Expert Commentary
New Australia Task Force Will “Hack The Hackers, Cyber Security Expert Reaction
November 15 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
The recent ransomware incident affecting Papua Vanuatu’s government highlights the harsh reality t...
Expert Commentary
Dropbox Says It Has Been Breached By Hackers, Experts Reactions
November 02 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
While the impression of hackers is usually of technical geniuses using brilliant attack methods and...
Expert Commentary
Exclusive Comments On Medibank Data Breach
October 28 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
News that a data breach may have enabled access to the PHI & PII of potentially four million Austral...
Expert Commentary
Expert Commentary: See Tickets Data Breach
October 27 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Retailers are some of the most viable targets for threat actors precisely because these businesses g...
Expert Commentary
Payment Card Attack Could Be Worth $3.3M
October 25 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Malware is just one click away. The two most important things an organization can do are a) to sprea...
Expert Commentary
Do You Think Businesses Must Do More To Boost Cyber Defences, Says Nadhim Zahawi
October 19 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Cyberattacks cost the UK economy millions if not billions of Pounds a year and pose a threat to indi...
Expert Commentary
Comment: Telstra Is Rocked By A Data Breach With Hackers Gaining Access To Staff Info
October 05 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
This breach follows a typical, but preventable pattern: a 3rd party was compromised and mass PII dat...
Expert Commentary
Ferrari Hit By Ransomware Attack: 7 GB Of Data Published Online – Expert Comments
October 04 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
The very recent cyber attack on Ferrari demonstrates just how important it is for every organization...
Expert Commentary
Optus Data Breach Announced, Experts Weigh In
September 30 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
The one thing always to keep in mind is that theft and profit are the desired outcomes that threat a...
Expert Commentary
Optus Data Breach Announced, Experts Weigh In
September 26 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Personal data, such as names, addresses, and contact details, are highly coveted by threat actors, w...
Expert Commentary
Rockstar Confirm Data Leak, GTA Footage Stolen
September 21 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Given that 2013's GTA 5 is considered one of the most successful video games of all time and ther...
Expert Commentary
COMMENT: Biggest US Healthcare Ransomware Attack In 2022
September 14 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Medical information is among our most sensitive data. We all have a distinct right to data privacy a...
Expert Commentary
South Staffordshire Water Latest Target Of Criminal Cyber Attack
August 16 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
The sorts of individuals and groups that are behind these “breach and squeeze” blackmail operati...
Expert Commentary
How Cisco Get Hacked With 2.8GB From Corporate Network, Experts Weigh In
August 15 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
In ransomware attacks like the one, we look for the slivers of good news, no sensitive data was comp...
Expert Commentary
NHS IT Supplier Held To Ransom By Hackers
August 15 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Healthcare providers and related corporations – such as third-party service providers- are among t...
Expert Commentary
Twilio Suffers Phishing Attack, Compromising Customer Data - Expert Commentary
August 09 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Many of the data breaches we have seen in the past few months have human error lurking within their...
Expert Commentary
How To Protect Against Phishing Attacks Bypassing 2FA
July 14 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
“Data security vendors try to make protecting enterprise data fool-proof. However, no matter how i...
Expert Commentary
Chicago Public Schools Data Breach - Expert Comments
May 24 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Ransomware attacks have become a growing threat to education centers across the United States. Schoo...
Expert Commentary
Texas State Dept. Of Insurance Consumer Data Breach
May 19 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
We depend on the state agencies to provide us with a basic level of security against all threats. Th...
Expert Commentary
Expert Commentary: Omnicell Hit By Cyber Attack
May 18 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Ransomware and cloud-related cyber breaches have seen quite a resurgence over the past 15 months. In...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight On Coca Cola Potential Breach
April 28 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
Ransomware has seen quite a resurgence this year. Threat actors are taking their ability to use soci...
Expert Commentary
Block Cash App 8.2 Million Customers' Data Breached - Experts Reactions
April 07 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
The data breach incident that Block disclosed about a former employee who downloaded highly sensitiv...
Expert Commentary
Apple And Meta Shared Data With Hackers - Experts Reactioins
April 01 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
When we hear of big organizations such as Apple & Meta succumbing to fake emergency requests, leadin...
Expert Commentary
Shutterfly Discloses Data Breach After Conti Ransomware Attack
March 30 , 2022 by Erfan Shadabi
This attack is just the latest example of the growing threat of ransomware and threat actors’ inte...