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Marriot Data Breach - Expert Weighs In
July 06 , 2022 by Tom Garrubba
“Threat actors continue to use proven social engineering techniques to gain access to systems, and...
Expert Commentary
Russian Botnet Disrupted In International Cyber Operation – Expert Comments
June 20 , 2022 by Tom Garrubba
It is great to see that law enforcement is making progress towards taking down these large botnets a...
Expert Commentary
Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Cyber Security Experts Reacted
April 26 , 2022 by Tom Garrubba
Twitter, along with other notable big tech platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Amazo...
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What Caused The Ransomware Attack On Toyota? Experts Insight
March 15 , 2022 by Tom Garrubba
As this is the second of Toyota’s suppliers to be targeted by threat actors, perhaps it’s time f...
Expert Commentary
News Corp Journalists Emails Hacked, China Blamed
February 07 , 2022 by Tom Garrubba
Normally the Olympic seasons bring out the best in people. Sadly though, threat actors don’t sleep...
Expert Commentary
Red Cross Hack Leaks Data Of 515,000 Vulnerable People
January 21 , 2022 by Tom Garrubba
Vulnerabilities at third party vendors continue to remain top of mind for businesses and threat acto...
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38.9M Health Records Stolen From Bangkok Hospital
January 11 , 2022 by Tom Garrubba
No one chooses a hospital based on an assumption that they practice good IT security hygiene; people...
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Ransomware Hits US Grain Supply Again – 5 Cyber Experts Comment
October 08 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
Many infrastructure organizations turn a blind eye to these such cries for reasons ranging from anti...
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Senate Bill Requires Critical Infrastructure Organisations To Report Cyberattacks - Security Expert Comments
September 30 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
I applaud and welcome the US Congress for taking such action, as cyber security threats against our...
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Deloitte Poll: C-suite Expects Ransomware Uptick But Orgs. Aren’t Trained – 5 Cyber Experts Respond
September 15 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
Many executives still have the mindset that their company is most likely not on the radar for threat...
Expert Commentary
100 Million User T-Mobile Breach? – Multiple Comments
August 17 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
We are seeing these RaaS organizations becoming increasingly bold in their ransom efforts, and it ap...
Expert Commentary
Fashion Retailer Guess Data Breach, Experts Insight
July 13 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
It appears that Guess is taking the correct steps in dealing with this incident; however, I’m curi...
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Mercedes-Benz Data Breach - Expert Comments
June 28 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
While it was reported by Mercedes-Benz that no MB system was directly compromised as a result of thi...
Expert Commentary
Experts React: McDonald's Suffers Data Breach
June 14 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
In the minds of threat actors, everyone is fair game. The onslaught of breaches and other vicious cy...
Expert Commentary
NY City Law Dept Computer Systems Hacked & Shut Down – Experts Comment
June 09 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
It is strongly advised that all government agencies, local, state, and federal, increase their dilig...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight: Ransomware Attack On Steamship Authority Of Massachusetts Ferry Service
June 03 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
We are starting to see that everyone is fair game in the minds of threat actors – particularly whe...
Expert Commentary
Russia Phishing Attack On USAID, Other Human Rights Groups
May 31 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
These threat actors are masters at their craft and are using harder to detect methods of baiting use...
Expert Commentary
Experts Responses on Verizon DBiR Findings
May 14 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
This report continues to provide eye-opening details of the perilous world organizations must operat...
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~200K US Military Vets’ Medical Records Leaked by 3rd Pty – Cyber Experts' Perspectives
May 13 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
The only explanation for having a database publicly exposed is due to poor application design and de...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight On US Pipeline Shut After Cyberattack
May 11 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
Numerous agencies including CISA have been trumpeting warnings or ‘calls to action’ to update cr...
Expert Commentary
Experts Comments on World Password Day
May 06 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
Poor passwords continue to be one the easiest and most common vectors for a threat actor to access a...
Expert Commentary
Experian Leaked Consumer Credit Scores – Expert Commentary
April 30 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
If this isn’t an argument for more and better DevSecOps, then nothing is. The root cause of this i...
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Experts Reaction On Passwordstate Breached
April 27 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
Attacks to payload distribution mechanisms are starting to become more commonplace despite the diffi...
Expert Commentary
CISA: US Govt Agencies, CI Orgs. Hit Via Pulse Secure Vulns – CISO Comments
April 22 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
Regardless of whether it is an application performing business processing, a piece of network or ser...
Expert Commentary
Expert Insight: Arup's Data Breach
April 05 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
Ransomware is quickly becoming the most common form of harmful “ware” attacks levied by threat a...
Expert Commentary
mHealth App APIs Vulnerable To Attacks Exposing PII & PHI - Experts Insight
February 10 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
While it is a best practice for a mainstream application’s code to move through a thorough secure...
Expert Commentary
Hacker Breached Florida Treatment Plant To Poison The Water Supply
February 09 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
With so much emphasis recently placed on hacks for the health care and financial services industry,...
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Expert Insight: Bykea Delivery Svc. Unencrypted Server Leaks 400 Million Customers’ Data
February 01 , 2021 by Tom Garrubba
It is hard to believe that with the ever-increasing threat of a cyber-attack, there would be such a...
Expert Commentary
2020 Cybersecurity Landscape: 100+ Experts' Predictions
December 21 , 2019 by Tom Garrubba
We will see a rise in Chief Data Officer (CDO) roles within organizations and they will have the sam...
Expert Commentary
Hundreds Of Dentist's Offices Hit With Ransomware Attacks, Due To Compromise Of Dental Data Security Service
August 30 , 2019 by Tom Garrubba
Dental offices that file claims, verify eligibility, or make digital treatment authorizations are op...
Expert Commentary
Experts Dots On Breach Losses To Top $5 Trillion By 2024
August 29 , 2019 by Tom Garrubba
Every day, security professionals are waking up to more and increasingly savvy data perpetrators who...