Bermuda: Major Internet And Power Outage Strikes

By   Adeola Adegunwa
Writer , Informationsecuritybuzz | Feb 04, 2023 02:20 pm PST

The internet and phone service available in Bermuda was hampered by a major power outage that began on Friday evening. The government encouraged consumers as personnel attempted to restore service around the clock; they advised customers to “unplug all critical electrical equipment” and described the situation as a “serious occurrence” at Bermuda’s single power supplier.

With a population of roughly 64,000, Bermuda resides in the western North Atlantic Ocean as a self-governing British Overseas Territory. Bermuda turned off the electricity early on Friday evening, BELCO, Bermuda’s lone energy provider, announced that it was attempting to restore power amid an island-wide “mass-outage.”

The “severe event” at the electricity provider was confirmed by Bermuda’s government, which also provided additional instructions.

Belco has had a serious occurrence that has caused an island-wide power outage; the government has been informed. Belco is currently doing power restoration. The message says, “Michael Weeks, Minister of National Security, has been kept informed of progress.”

“All government buildings are currently closed, and the general public is asked to unplug any delicate electronics. The Emergency Broadcast [Station] at 100.1 FM will provide updates.”

Power surges frequently happen after a power outage, which can harm voltage-sensitive electronics, including laptop computers, mobile phones, medical devices, etc.

The government asked the citizens to keep the roads clean and to abstain from dialing 955 to report power shortages to BELCO.

Bermuda Witnessed Massive Internet And Phone Outage

According to reports, a significant portion of the internet connectivity in the British Overseas Territory was also affected by the widespread power loss, and some customers also experienced phone outages.

After the power went out, the internet connectivity on the opulent island was down to around 30% of usual levels, according to internet monitoring company NetBlocks. The internet traffic in the area also experienced a substantial decline, according to Cloudflare Radar.

Real-time network data indicate that nationwide connectivity is only 30% of what it usually is due to a significant power outage that has affected much of #Bermuda. This event also comes amid reports of a critical incident at Belco.

4,464 consumers were last counted as having no power on BELCO’s outage map. About 90% of the company’s customers had their power back by Friday night at 8:30 PM (Bermuda time), and all circuits were operational by 9:45 PM. Customers can now dial 955 if they are still without electricity.

Cloudflare Radar noticed a gradual return to normalcy in internet traffic levels at 11:00 PM. “The safety of our personnel and the general public comes first. I’m happy to say that everyone on our workforce is safe and accounted for “In a statement, BELCO President Wayne Caines remarked.

This broad yet unexplained incident’s origin is still unknown. “I sincerely apologize to all of our customers for any trouble this interruption may have caused. We will conduct a root cause study on today’s outage and provide the results as soon as possible. Permit me to express my sincere thanks to the BELCO team for acting promptly and competently to ensure that electricity was restored as soon and safely as possible.” The latest significant island-wide power outage by BELCO was in December 2020.


A recent major power and internet outage in Bermuda destabilized the whole island. Over 4,000 consumers were affected by the blackout, which started early on Friday evening and caused internet and phone services to be interrupted. As the electricity provider, BELCO tried to restore power, the government deemed it a “serious incident” and encouraged citizens to disconnect delicate electrical equipment. 90% of the clients had their power back by 8:30 p.m. local time thanks to swift work by BELCO, Bermuda’s sole electrical provider, and all circuits were operational by 9:45 p.m. Wayne Caines, the firm president, informed the public that all employees were present and safe. Despite the swift reaction, BELCO will conduct a root cause investigation to try and determine what caused the widespread power loss.

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