Bitdefender Releases New Decryptor For MortalKombat Ransomware

By   Adeola Adegunwa
Writer , Informationsecuritybuzz | Mar 01, 2023 01:10 am PST

A free MortalKombat ransomware decryptor has been made available by cybersecurity company Bitdefender in order to prevent victims from having to pay a ransom to regain their files. The publication of a viable decryptor for the particular strain came shortly after its initial appearance in January 2023, when Cisco Talos stated that it predominantly targeted systems in the United States.

Distributors of MortalKombat send emails to uninvited recipients containing malicious ZIP attachments and BAT loader scripts. When the script is run, it downloads and runs the Laplas Clipper and ransomware binaries on the computer. Because MortalKombat is based on the widely used Xorist ransomware family, which has been cracked since 2016, this speedy cracking is probably due to this.

The MortalKombat decryptor is a standalone executable; thus, infected devices don’t need to have it installed. But, the user may optionally provide a specific place holding backed-up encrypted data. It offers to scan the entire filesystem to find files infected with MortalKombat.

In the event that something goes wrong during the decryption process, the software also enables users to build a backup of encrypted files, so they don’t wind up with corrupted and irrecoverable data. Also, it is possible to replace previously decrypted files—the results of only partially successful decryption attempts—with fresh, unaltered copies.

The ability of the tool to be launched from the command line, which makes it perfect for businesses that may need to carry out mass-decryption operations on massive networks or data recovery on corrupted operating systems, is also highlighted in Bitdefender’s statement.

The decryptor can be started using the command “BDMortalKombatDecryptTool.exe start -full-scan -replace-existing,” which instructs it to scan the whole filesystem and replace any existing files with fresh copies.

It should be noticed that the MortalKombat ransomware’s creator was frequently seen installing the Laplas clipboard hijacker on the target computers. Hence, if you have a MortalKombat ransomware infection, you should also check for Laplas traces on your computer.

As Laplas files are a distinct malware infection that can be found with general-purpose antivirus software, Bitdefender’s decryptor is unable to find and remove them. Avoid downloading files from shady websites or email attachments to reduce the risk of malware and ransomware infestations.


Bitdefender is a global leader in cybersecurity, providing top-tier threat prevention, detection, and response solutions. To small and medium-sized organizations, mid-market enterprises, and consumers, Bitdefender offers cybersecurity solutions with industry-leading security efficacy, performance, and usability. In order to revolutionize and enhance people’s digital experiences, Bitdefender is dedicated to defending businesses and individuals around the world against cyberattacks. Bitdefender is driven by a desire to be the world’s most reputable cybersecurity solutions provider.

One of the most formidable companies in the antivirus software sector is Bitdefender. The business provides everything, including enterprise security packages for hundreds of users and free antivirus for personal use. Although being one of the top antivirus programs available, Bitdefender has a few minor drawbacks, like its unclear price and how well it performs on user devices. The Forbes Advisor examined the specifics to see whether Bitdefender’s security and features outweigh some of its disadvantages.


  • Positive endpoint response and detection.
  • Plans for firms and small businesses.
  • Affordable personal plans.


  • High-cost business plans.
  • A little more challenging to use than other antivirus programs.

Is Bitdefender The Best Option For You Or Your Company?

It’s difficult to argue against Bitdefender because it’s one of the most feature-rich and safe solutions available. Having said that, spending less on a business plan is feasible while still receiving a comparable set of benefits and security.

The cost of Bitdefender’s business service increases as more features are added. The benefit is server protection, which may be crucial depending on your company’s demands. Nonetheless, there are some instances where companies will have to pay more for features that can be found elsewhere.

One of the greatest solutions on the market for protecting yourself, your family, or a small workplace is Bitdefender. It’s cheaper than the competition while still providing the same features and protection. The personal tiers are an exception to this.

Thankfully, Bitdefender allows you to test it out before deciding to use it. You can utilize the free plan it offers for individual users to scan your System for dangers. Also, companies can request a free trial to test it out.


A free worldwide decryptor for MortalKombat, a newly discovered piece of malware that encrypts files, has been made available by the Romanian cybersecurity firm Bitdefender. A new ransomware variant called MortalKombat first appeared in January 2023. It is based on a widely used ransomware program known as Xorist, and it has been used to attack targets in the United States, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. Although it has been identified since 2010, Xorist is disseminated as a ransomware constructor, giving cybercriminals the ability to design and alter their own variant of the malware.

The ransom letter, its file name, the list of file extensions targeted, the wallpaper to be used, and the extension to be applied to encrypted files are all included in this. Emsisoft released a decryptor for Xorist in May 2016. In recent attacks carried out by an unidentified financially motivated threat actor as part of a phishing operation targeted at numerous businesses, MortalKombat was prominently used.

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