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Company Name SIEMPLIFY
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Location 150 W 22nd St, 10th Floor , New York , NY , 10011 , United States

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Siemplify’s security orchestration, automation and incident response platform removes common security operations roadblocks, boosting SOC performance and effectiveness. The platform is built atop a powerful context-based automation and orchestration engine that is delivered through a simple workbench designed to unify and streamline day-to-day security operations processes.

Siemplify security orchestration and automation uniquely enables security operations teams to:

  •   Automatically group related alerts into cases to combat alert fatigue.

  •   Understand relationships between affected entities with deep context-based investigation-

  •   Visualize and replay the threat storyline to instantly zero in on truly malicious activity

  •   Create repeatable, automated playbooks using an intuitive, code-free drag-and-drop playbook editor.

  •   Infinitely customize playbook logic using a Python-based or advanced integrated development environment (IDE).

  •   Manage the SOC from a single console

Founded by security operations experts, Siemplify was born from extensive experience building, running and training security operations teams around the globe. That’s why leading enterprises and MSSPs worldwide leverage Siemplify as their SOC workbench, tripling analyst productivity  and driving down mean time to respond by 70%.

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