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Ramat Gan , Israel
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Location 4th Floor, Tower 2, Jabotinsky 35 , Ramat Gan , Ramat Gan , Israel , 5251108 , Israel

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MazeBolt is a cybersecurity company that offers expertise in DDoS defenses. With MazeBolt’s offerings spectrum, enterprises slash DDoS risk from an average of ongoing 48% to an ongoing < 2%.

Its patented product DDoS Radar® is a groundbreaking technology that works with any DDoS Mitigation to find out DDoS vulnerabilities underneath the network it protects. As an essential Proactive Feedback Module, it completes any in-line, production and mitigation technology. It, thus, allows companies to safely make ongoing changes to the production environment’s underlying networks and IT services, while eliminating DDoS risk.

Enabled by the DDoS Radar® (Product), the proactive feedback module automatically mitigates DDoS vulnerabilities by anticipating exposures and closing them in real time across the attack surface before getting exploited.

MazeBolt Technologies is an Israeli cyber security company established in 2013. MazeBolt serves over 100 organizations across the globe and across industries that include Fortune 500 and NASDAQ listed companies. It has a well-established team of cybersecurity professionals with experience in handling clients from varied industries such as banking, gaming, government, telecommunication, e-commerce and many more.