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Cyber Leadership Program

Learn real-world cyber-resilience leadership skills from cyber-industry leaders

An intensive 8-week online program you can take at your own pace.

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Leadership program for current and aspiring CISOs

Are you a current or aspiring cyber leader looking to enhance your technological knowledge with executive leadership skills, so you can thrive in the C-suite and with the board?

The Cyber Leadership Program has been developed to give you the skills to become a world-class cyber executive. The program is delivered by a team of CISOs and senior cyber-resilience executives. Each are industry leaders with experience helping executives and board members of leading global enterprises rapidly develop high-impact cyber-resilience skills and programs.

The Cyber Leadership Program has been created especially for you

The Leadership Program will give you the skills and confidence you need to engage successfully with peer executives. The program combines practical, evidence-based education with ongoing mentorship by seasoned cyber executives.

It is very different from an internal or external generic course in leadership and will deliver results that will prove invaluable throughout your career.  

Coupon code: isb20

To get 20% off


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